Carpathy: No More Excuses to Skip Your Periodic Car Servicing

Whether your car is brand new or second hand, taking a service at regular intervals is incredibly important in order to maintain its health and condition. Periodic car maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your automobile but also guarantees safety, by detecting the major and minor glitches from the outset. However, people often fall into the dangerous temptation of skipping the routine servicing of their car, primarily because of handsome money that goes into the process, followed by the hassle associated with it. But what they fail to realize is, doing so, could translate into even bigger costs, at times even life. Hence, it is best to deal with it as soon as it is feasibly possible.

Here’s a startup, which aspires to cater to this problem by making car servicing a handy and convenient affair.

Carpathy is a managed marketplace for automobile service centers with an aim to decrease the hassles of car servicing. The Gurgaon-based startup was launched in January 2016 with a vision to bring standardization and transparency in the automobile service industry.

It is the brainchild of three technology and automobile enthusiasts – Himanshu Bansal, Akshat Lavania and Jimmy Yadav.

Key Problems Addressed by Carpathy

  • Accountability and credibility of unauthorized workshops
  • Poor quality of service
  • Lack of transparency

Key Features/ Services

Standardization: With in-house expertise of the automobile industry, Carpathy has defined standardized service packages for all common problems in the car. Same packages are offered across all Carpathy service centers.

Quality Service: The company claims to take special care of the quality of services offered at its workshops. “We have a strict process for onboarding new workshops that takes into consideration the infrastructure, equipments, facilities, capacity and specialization of mechanics employed at these workshops,” maintains Himanshu.

The operations team then ensures that the same service standards are followed by all Carpathy service centers. The company also offers warranty on all the services.

Transparent Pricing: Upfront and transparent pricing for all service packages is available on the site. Customers do not have to wait for quotations.

Convenience: Free pickup and drop is offered on all the services.  Further,customers have the convenience of paying by cash/card at their doorstep.

Complete Service Records: The startup maintains complete service records of a car online, to ensure good resale value of the car. Service records are much more than just service history and are used to keep track of everything that is done in a car. Even an oil change or filter change is tracked in the system and the same information is used to take informed decisions when the car comes in for a service the next time.

Screenshot-PackagesMonetization Model and Traction Details

The startup works on a commission-based model with the service centers. It claims to be processing more than 100 orders a month, and is growing at a rate of 40% every month.

It has 20 service centers and more than 100 mechanics on board.

Common Hurdles Faced by the Company in Running this Business

Highlighting the everyday challenges faced by Carpathy in facilitating its services, Himanshu stated: “The car service industry is highly unorganized and it is hard to find trained professionals who meet our service standards. Low penetration of technology amongst the vendors is also a challenge that makes effective communication between the vendor and the customers difficult. Moreover, there is a lot of disparity in terms of the parts and materials used by different vendors/workshops in the industry”.

What Distinguishes Carpathy from Other Players Competing in the Same Segment, eg. RepairPal and YourMechanic?

In the words of Himanshu, the startup provides upfront pricing for standardized service packages. Onboarding a vendor is accompanied by training of their professionals. To further ensure quality on the vendor end, Carpathy makes sure that they use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Complete service records are maintained against every service to ensure high resale value of the car.

Funding Status

The company is currently bootstrapped. However, it claims to be receiving interest from a number of investors in the market.

Market Size, Scope and Future Plans

It’s a $40 billion industry, and a bigger share of the market is currently offline, consisting of unauthorized service centers. There is a huge demand for standardized services and transparent pricing in the market, believes the team.

The company has plans of launching services for premium cars later this month. “Gurgaon has a huge demand for service of luxury cars. We also have plans to expand our services across Delhi NCR  and other Tier-I cities,” said Himanshu.

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