Aum Zone: A Destination for Spiritual and Aarogya Needs

Founded in December, 2014 by Pradhan Thalanki, Bangalore-based Aum Zone is Indian spiritual brand in the making. It provides authentic and spiritually elevating products and services, bridging the gap between The Almighty and The Blessed.

It is an Online/ Offline branded outlet selling spiritual products and services. The startup is facilitating bridging the gap virtually and offline helping customers fulfill their ritualistic obligations and devotional fervor to lead a life of blissful inner peace. Its product categories include Prasadam; Darshanam; Tatthya; Murti; Pooja; Yantra and Aarogya.

Aum Zone

The startup has established networks with religious centers & vendors with assured product quality and offers service categories like Book a Pandit, Blog, Web Pooja, Public Havana & Yagna.

Talking about their competitors and its differentiation factor, the startup said, “The Industry is fragmented and there is a stiff competition from the un-organised retails sector. There are players offering fragmented services and a couple clubbed but no one is doing the complete bouquet of service. Also Quality has always been a factor of concern in this segment, so we are taking special steps to address our customers and keep them happy and satisfied. Our strategy of being organized and offering products with premium or better service at a reasonable cost is the best take.”

The company has raised Rs.20 lakh till now, used for build the business model, product catalogue as well as product procurements and specialized vendor selection and finalization. It is now looking to raise Rs.10 million for its series A round.

In terms of number Aum Zone has 300 odd customers per month and growing MoM (online + offline). The startup has enlisted around 700 SKU’s and have a plan to do 4000 SKU’s by year end. In total the company has catered more than 1000 customers till date. It already delivered products / services to 500 customers since inception.

The firm monetizes by selling products and services. Going forward, the startup plans is to be the respected Spiritual product brand in the Market. “And we are working on the same guidelines, with a plan to open more than 100 retail outlets across India and abroad. We want our customers to have seamless and trouble free service across the offered range,” mentioned startup.

Commenting on the challenges face by the venture, Aum Zone added, “Typical Challenges are like : Educating customers about the authentic products vs replica or duplicates and Manpower turn around. We are working with our Board Of Advisers have have improved results over past months.”

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