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5 Time Management Tips Facilitating Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

This is a Guest Post by Arpit Sharma, content analyst at SoftwareSuggest

Work – life balance has become greatest concern in this competitive and fast business scenario. The work demand and pressure of performing and delivering results are increasing day-by-day. This proves to be a big challenge on employee’s mental health and hampers their social life as well.

TimeBecause of this, many employees opt to quit their work which is certainly not a solution. To counter it in a positive manner, few time management tips should be followed. These tips would help the employees to enhance their work – life balance and enable them to achieve optimum professional satisfaction. Moreover, the tips would act as a catalyst in achieving the balance at a much faster rate.

Along with the tips one can also use immaculate and authentic time management softwares in order to manage their office work.

Here are the tips to reckon:

  • Work from home to be allowed – Employees should be given flexibility to work from home, as coming to office every day is an expensive, time consuming and stressful situation for certain employees. Moreover, it is a burden on businesses as it increases the amount of desk space required and reimbursement cost. Therefore, employees should be asked to work from home on a regular basis if needed. It will allow them to utilize several hours of their life to do some productive work. Along with this, it will enable them to spend time with their friends and relatives as well.
  • Flexibility in work timings – A little flexibility in work timing is always a welcome. An employee would appreciate coming early from office to play with his children. In fact, this can be done by calling them early so that they can leave accordingly. For people keen on doing morning walks and other exercises, should be allowed to come a bit late (it’s my personal perspective as this suggestion is impossible to implement in most organizations). Moreover, on some days when employees have personal engagement, a little shift in timings would act as a perfect oxidizer. In this manner they can recharge themselves and ensure better productivity.
  • Encouraging and ensuring holidays with no workings – Holidays are very important. It makes the employees relaxed and leads to better performance. Employees should be encouraged to go on holidays. In fact a close vigilance to be kept on employees who are not going on holidays, because such employees can involve themselves in fraudulent activities and hamper company’s reputation. Moreover, when we look at the hindsight we find many employees who want to work on holidays which should not be encouraged. By implementing such methods, employees can enjoy their holiday and once they are back they can work with more enthusiasm and interest.
  • Policy of unpaid leave days – Many times, it happens that employees cannot come for work. The reason could be anything, emergency, life changing events or reasons that can’t be disclosed. But every time the employees give the excuse or reason as sickness. This can be avoided by granting unpaid leaves to them from time to time. As we know, employees will anyways take a leave as and when they please, so why not make things simpler and easier. These leave options will help them get away with guilt and stress of not coming to office. Moreover, prevents long absenteeism and enables no mental harassment.
  • Managers to set an example – Managers should also follow tips to achieve work – life balance. If they come early and leave late it will encourage the other employees to do so. To make a good impression or to gain career advancement employees will try to imitate them. Thus, such kind of behaviour should be avoided by the managers. In this manner, the managers can also initiate the method of smart work and better time management.

If the employees have good mental state, they would come out with flying colors in their work thus increasing the organizations productivity. The above tips would also help in employee engagement and management.

So implement these tips in the correct manner and see miracles happening in your work place and in your life!!

I know you are not done with these tips. So let us keep the conversation going with your lauded inputs and thoughts in comment section!

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