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5 Must Online Tools To Drive Success in Stock Market

This is a guest post by Avantika Saxena

Messi may be the greatest footballer in the world, but he still has a coach. So is the case for stock investors – traditionally, newbie investors seek mentors to taste success. But thanks to some incredibly resourceful online tools, anyone could now become a stock market guru.

Here are five must-have online tools for driving success in the stock market.

StockSeeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is an investment information platform crowdsourcing stock market insights from investors and industry experts.

Seeking Alpha serves as the social media platform for investor opinions featuring articles on their website and app. Individual contributors share their own financial analysis predicting future stock returns and earning surprises.

The views expressed in the articles along with other online resources could help you predict future stock market behavior and reduce the risks involved in trading.


A disruptive new tool, Stockal, provides valuable investment tips after combining information from thousands of online resources through big data analysis and artificial intelligence. With Stockal app installed on your mobile phone, all other stock newsletters, tips and advisory subscriptions become redundant.

Stockal is an app only service for now available for download on the App Store and Android Store.

Motely Fool

Motely Fool is an organization providing investment advice through comprehensive research of stock markets.

While Seeking Alpha gives you insights from the buy side of the market, Motely Fool provides research-backed advice from the sell side. You can either log on to their website or get financial advice through their mobile app.


StockTwits has emerged as a major social networking platform for stock markets. Their growing community of investors and traders can help you make the big investment decisions.

StockTwits was designed to be like the Twitter for stock trading. But might we say that it has grown to be also like LinkedIn and Facebook for stock investors. You can join the Stocktwits community through their website or app.


News breaks first on Twitter. Smart stock investors use the popular social networking site to stay on updated with the market. Twitter allows you to do simple things like connecting with other investors and learning from their mistakes and success.

You could also use tools like and Warble alerts for real time stock market chatter on Twitter.

Hope these online websites and apps help you rise above the average investor mindset and become a market guru

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