Trending Technology Trends For Safety Of Children

This is a Guest Post by Raj Singhal

Endless reasons are there for parents to get paranoid these days about the safety of their children. With the kind of place this world is turning into safety and security is of utmost importance, but a parent cannot even shield his/her children to this extent that it hampers with their overall development. A child needs to go to school, needs ample time to play in parks, mix with his/her peers and enjoy life just the way we all did. Now coming back to finding a way to achieve that peace of mind and keeping your child safe can be done without any paranoia. This can be done with the help of Wearable Technology and IoT gadgets.

Schools and day-cares have wearable technology cards to make sure of the child’s attendance and exit

Schools and day-cares have wearable technology cards to make sure of the child’s attendance and exit

School and day-cares are encouraging parents to utilize this aid that has come as a blessing in everyone’s lives and will definitely lessen the ordeal of tracking down your child’s whereabouts. It is one of biggest opportunities that recent innovators and business enterprises are tapping is through technological advancements, to add more to the list of gadgets and gizmos, entrepreneurs have developed “Wearable Technology”. Now wearable technology as the name suggests is a technical item one adorns on themselves or carries along with whatever they may be wearing with a special purpose, so it could be a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker or a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip. As exciting the whole description may sound, there are many benefits of the wearable technology gadgets especially crafted for kids. They solve the purpose of being an intelligent discovery that has unravelled a major botheration for parents.

There are many types of wearable technology gadgets in the market these days, from watches to wrist bands, ID cards to chips in the school bags however the purpose is more or less same for each of them. The way technology is advancing, there will be more changes to the utility and many features would be added to these gadgets. For now the features it gives are incomparable to the safety they provide.

         The constant worry of parents, having their child gone missing, injured in an accident, or any such concern can be the biggest nightmare for them, fortunately Wearable Teach and IoT have made matters less tougher to keep a track of.

         GPS boundaries can be set so that the minute the child crosses the area he/she is not supposed to, the parent gets a notification of the same.

         A parent does not have to worry at work that where could my child be roaming, all he/she needs to do is track through the gadget.

         Schools and day-cares have wearable technology cards to make sure of the child’s attendance and exit, along with keeping the security factor in mind.

         With the help of IoT keeping records and maintaining minute details about children is easy, be it for heart rate, body temperature,

         The wearable technology can be worn like a fashion accessory as well with an advantage of looking trendy yet keeping safe as your whereabouts would be known to your loved ones.

         Wearable technology is not bulky and cumbersome for the child to wear or carry, it is as easy as hanging an ID card around the neck or wearing a watch on your wrist.

At the end it all boils down to a child’s safety and the ways technology is helping a great deal in giving the sense of security a parent, teachers and institutions have been looking out for.

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