Spinning Wheels Of Fortune: Growing Trend Of Taxi Aggregators In India

This is a guest post by Bharat Khandelwal COO Founder NOW Bike

Every single day is a day brimming with new business ideas and creative solutions to many of our problems that usually no one ever thought about. The current scenario in India has made Start-ups the most upcoming race and showcase innovations and convenience packaged to pamper the consumer in many ways. About five years back, who would have thought that getting into the on-demand “Taxi” business, also known as the online commuter market would turn out to be the highest paying and the most convenient way to get to a desired destination stress-free? A great space to be, Taxi Aggregators are in massive demand in a country like India where 1.2 billion people shuttle for transport on a daily basis and taking into account that the last mile commute which is the most disorganized one, urban infrastructure is clogged where self driven cars and bikes with a lower square footage would congest the traffic. Taxi Aggregators are an answer to every commuter’s prayer. A greener and more economical stand to take, Taxi Aggregators are also opening up employment opportunities for people at the bottom of pyramid to own cars and bikes and to earn livelihoods and be the next 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler entrepreneurs. With low tariffs, options of pooling rides, exclusive services like package deliveries and much more the upcoming aggregators are taking the market by storm.

TaxiWhy Choose A Taxi Aggregator

Hiring a taxi aggregator has made life easier in many ways since owning a car or bike is still not as easy as it may appear and even if an individual does invest in a car or bike, the expense does not end there. Endless amounts of hassles surround a consumer who has invested in a bike or a taxi however, hiring an on-demand vehicle does make matters more convenient and stress-free as even the simplest of things like parking, finding a location, not bother about paying for insurances or damages if an accident takes places and so on are taken care of. Very often people are so busy with working and running a home that most of them probably do not know how to ride a bike or drive a car, taxi aggregators ease such difficulties beautifully and in addition to this the kind of services they give and maintain standards are something that every consumer not only looks forward to but also gets used to and wants to call them time and time again. On the other hand there are many such people who know how to drive, do have cars and bikes but still prefer taking a ride from these professionals since it saves time, is not expensive and is more comforting. Even little things like getting back from a party is safe with a bike or car taxi aggregator who not only leaves you safely at a desired location but also ensures the safety of others.

The Scope & Change Being Made By Taxi Aggregators in India

A unique way to get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, startups in India are looking at the Taxi Aggregators domain with high hopes and foreseeing great potential. Taxi aggregators, be it in the car segment or an auto-rickshaw or through bikes, the industry is coming up in a humongous way and will flourish in India. The prediction is certain since it has grown popularity and appreciation largely by the consumers who book services at least once every day. For instance let us take the example of OLA and UBER who have disrupted an antiquated cab business which had “customer last” approach to a “customer first” business. Where there is availability on demand, transparent pricing, grievance redress and passenger safety as its top priorities, they have set standards that people are looking forward to. In a similar way the last mile commute is about to get disrupted by bike taxi aggregators who would remove the pain of haggling, uncertain availability and dependency on the whim of the service provider for commute. Not only engaging in the four wheeler taxi domain, competition in the Bike Taxi sphere is going to be good as well since people are getting more awareness about finding this alternative mode of transport resulting in opening the market with umpteen options. Just like the usual Car Taxi, Bike Taxis are going to be huge in India as one side demand is not to be questioned (Over 2 Cr last mile trips/day in NCR alone is a big deal). Keeping in mind that there is a huge supply too with over 120M two wheelers in India today, Taxi Aggregators are definitely the next big thing.

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