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Social Listening: A Key for Successful Business

Author: Zafar Rais, CEO, MindShift Interactive

Each day your audience is getting more involved and engaging in conversations. They’re using social media to voice opinions about things they like or dislike. To consumers, social media is a passage for true articulacy. To businesses, social media is the way to reach out to the right audiences and gain advocacy. With this in mind, it is important to use social listening wherein you’re able to track what is being said about your brand and industry and who is speaking to you. The ability for a brand to listen and respond is in its true sense social media engagement.

SocialHere how Social Listening impacts your business –

Improving Customer Care: Social listening will help you maintain and improve your customer relations. Your ability to constantly monitor what is being said about your brand and resolves it in the most efficient and effective manner will help you go a long way. Social media purchases have a lot to do with word of mouth and great social care enables this. Practo, a healthcare application, conducts excellent customer care solutions ensuring timely and efficient responses.

Defining your audience: Social listening helps you to understand what consumers are questioning about your product or service and allows you to interact and convert them as customers. Listening to conversations around your industry and competition allows you to widen your reach and start conversations with likely customers too. Use the data you gather through social listening to your advantage by decoding what lies under it, helping build further business intelligence.

Providing speed and efficiency: In the world of social media, any response that isn’t immediate is too late. Listening tools aren’t just for pride. When appropriate, it’s good to jump into conversations, post blogs, read articles, and so on. Tools such as Sprout Social, Rankur, HootSuite, Socialbro do a brilliant job of ensuring you’re on top of things and are gaining insights on the same too., a leading online jeweler, invests in the right tools and resources to ensure customer queries are resolved at the fastest possible time, ensuring they continue with their shopping experience while getting their questions answered.

Strengthens HR processes: Social Listening also acts as a great tool towards new talent acquisition and reference management. Hiring the right candidate is often a task for an HR professional today; social listening will help you identify the right candidate by observing his / her social media activities, tracking conversations on professional networks, groups, discussions and blogs whilst also studying the references present about him / her.

Crisis Management: Monitoring and measurement of mentions in news and social media can show viewpoint of all mentions. In the time of crisis, social media monitoring can provide the PR crisis management team with the most efficient and precise information, helping them form speedy response routes. Brands that have handled a crisis effectively on social media have been known to gain a large amount of appreciation and advocacy over the years.

Developing products through research: Brands can resolve their product’s weakness and strengths by listening to social media conversations related to their product or service. The insights gained can help guide future product enhancements and develop new products or services. Social media listening can quickly identify market issues, concerns and preferred product features.

Social Listening is as vital as Social Media Marketing and must not be ignored at any cost. Ensure you invest in a good tool that is apt for your business, and a great team that is able to efficiently decode conversations and respond in the most effective manner. Lastly, go beyond just tracking and responding with the data you collect to help improvise on the overall business functions in your organisation.

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    Practo, a healthcare application, conducts excellent customer care solutions ensuring timely and efficient responses.. Have you ever tried to talk to a Practo representative over the phone or via online chat. Their communication skills is appalling and they cannot give a logical answer to a question. I asked them sometime back why do they list doctors in multiple pages when they should display the doctor in one page and show the different clinics it visits. The rep did not have any answer because Practo is playing this trick intentionally.

    Practo has different rates for different strategies. If a doctor wants to be listed multiple times, they probably charge him / her a higher rate. If the doctor wants to be listed as an expert in multiple diseases (e.g. internal medicine, endocrinology) it is a different rate. I’ve also learnt from some friends that the doctor doesn’t list its fee because it charges different rates at different clinic.

    Run a test case to verify my observation. Enter Bangalore as the location and enter Endocrinologist as the speciality in Practo. You will find that some doctors are showing up again and again in different pages. For instance, Dr. Dwarakanath C.S. shows up on page 1, 2, and 6 (you could get different results but he nevertheless shows up multiple times). The 1st picture of the doctor’s clinic shows that he had a DM degree from AIIMS. But his profile on Practo says that he has a DM from Mysore. What’s going on? Who is recording data at Practo?

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