No Time for Running Errands? Fret Not! Let Runnerbee do the Job

Today’s lifestyle is primarily driven by urgency, and yet many a time, we feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done, especially the regular and the mundane ones. Given this situation, there’s an imperative need to outsource help in processing the minor yet must-do day to day tasks, so that we can concentrate on the more important matters of life.

Here’s a Gurgaon-based startup, which has identified this need, and aspires to be your personal concierge to run everyday errands, thereby helping you economize on your time, energy and labour.

Karanvir Sofat, Nitin Agrawal, Mohit Mittal

Karanvir Sofat, Nitin Agrawal and Mohit Mittal

Founded in September 2015, RunnerBee is the brainchild of 3 IIT Delhi Students, Mohit Mittal, Nitin Agrawal, Karanvir Sofat. The startup aspires to create an on demand concierge, a personal assistant for everyone, to get anything done, anytime, anywhere.

Recalling the conception of this idea, Karanvir maintained, “We believe that time is very valuable, and we observed that people usually don’t find to run daily errands like bill payments, bank document drop, getting items from local store, getting back forgotten items. Sometimes people want food, late at night from places that don’t deliver. There are millions of use cases that can be a part of such a service, and we wanted to cover this part of the service industry, the section of unskilled tasks, which don’t need any particular skill, and don’t necessarily need the person to do by themselves, and someone can easily replace them in such tasks. Hence, RunnerBee. We want to create that workforce of people who will run any errand for you”.

Key Services/Features

With RunnerBee, users can get anything done, anytime and anywhere. Services can be availed via call/whatsapp on +91-9599089500 or through its Android app which connects the service seeker to the nearest runner for the task.

Users can keep a track of the runner and the status of the task over phone or text.

The app facilitates payments via Cards, mobile wallets, net-banking or cash.

Traction Details and Monetization Model

The app has 500-1000 installs, as per the data furnished on Google Play.
The startup which is bootstrapped as of now, claims to be processing 60-70 orders on a daily basis. It is also looking forward to launch its iOS app soon.

It monetizes by charging customers based on distance; Rs. 60 for the first 5 km and then Rs. 10 for every subsequent km.



The company is directly competing with Mumbai-based GetMyPeon. A few other players like TaskRabbit, TaskMitra etc., may also be counted as its competitors.

Scope in this Sector

Adding a comment on the scope in this sector, the team said, “ we believe that the concierge sector can become very big if approached in the right way. Concierge is made up of two important segments : informational and physical. We are trying to build it part by part. But we aim to be the one stop solution that will take care of all your needs. The future? In the future you’re not going to run any errand, you’re going to RunnerBee it!”

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    Thank you Varnana for this article.
    In times when people have really busy schedules, this service would be really useful. I’m curious, do you know if the Runners are contractors or employees?

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