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Pet Products Brand Heads Up For Tails Raises $1M in Seed Funding

India’s luxury brand for pet products, Heads Up For Tails has raised $1 million in seed funding from various influential fund managers and industrialists. Currently with more than a lakh active customers, the company has already set its foot forward on the future path with plans of business expansion and operation across India, Singapore and USA.

Heads Up For Tails showcases exclusive product range of customized and designer dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, range of accessories for pets and pet lovers.

Heads Up For Tails' Founder Rashi Sanon Narang

Heads Up For Tails’ Founder Rashi Sanon Narang

Since it’s inception, the company claims to have shown 50% growth year on year.

With the launch of their US website in December, 2015, the firm unraveled its expansive International business plan for the coming financial years. Alongside, it is also planning to launch in Singapore in the first half of this year.

The firm had been managed remotely out of Singapore for the past 6 years under challenging situations. “My husband was posted overseas with work and for six years, I was handling the business remotely. During this time, we were approached by several investors but we had to out them on hold due to our personal circumstances of being away,” says Heads Up For Tails’ Founder Rashi Sanon Narang.

With ever expanding catalogue of fashionable products for dogs and cats, Heads Up For Tails is currently expanding into new vertical of pet products with its own range of Dog Shampoos, conditioners, dry bath shampoo and more grooming products as well as biscuits and treats for pets.

The company claims that it takes pride in its services like monthly gift-box subscription plan called Wag Box and food schedule service for their loyal customers.

The company also pioneers in its Scheduled Food Delivery service where the customers are dedicatedly reminded to order their next batch of dogfood so that they never run out of supplies.  

Last month, Tata Sons Chairman, Ratan Tata, also acquired a minor stake in tech startup Dogspot, an online community for dog owners to interact and buy pets, supplies, and merchandise.

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