Pragyan: NIT Trichy’s Techno-Management Fest to Start From Feb 25

“Technology? There’s no future in it” said some people. But ideas shape the course of History and the giant leap mankind has taken shows us the impact of technology.

Technology is not an event; it’s just part of the everyday learning. And why not celebrate this part of our everyday life? This is Pragyan put into simple words. The annual international Techno-Management fest of NIT Trichy, Pragyan is completely run by students, with a volunteer work force of more than 700 students. Pragyan is the first student-run organization in the world and the third overall next only to London Olympics and Manchester United to get an ISO 20121:2012 Certification for Sustainable Event Management. Held during the month of February, Pragyan sees thousands of participants every year. And these are just facts.

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Commitment to the highest levels of quality in the event is the reason for Pragyan to expand its foothold across the globe. Pragyan presents an opportunity to innovate, for ideas to evolve into reality. Innovation and technology go hand in hand, thus lays the need to know technology, use technology and celebrate technology. With teams from over 60 countries taking part in the contests, Pragyan hosts more than 40 events spanning across 8 genres. These clusters depend whether the event is circuital, non-circuital, managerial, design based, etc. Apart from the prize money, these events provide an excellent platform to learn, compete, show-off and have fun.

Pragyan is not just about events. The Guest Lecture series organized by Pragyan has seen quite a number of managerial genies, tech-wizards, hotshot entrepreneurs, media moguls; each one, a professional in their field. Ralph Leighton (author of Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!), Peter.C.Schultz (co-founder, the fiber optic), Abhas Mitra (astrophysicist) are just a few of the several names that will be coming down for Guest Lectures at Pragyan’16.

What good is a tech-fest without the stages seeing a good verbal joust? Thus came ‘Crossfire’, a panel discussion, which aims to provide a global platform for the academia, industry and government to interact with the fraternity. Pragyan’16 will witness a stellar panel with some of the visionaries being Bahar Dutt (Environment Editor, CNN-IBN) and Nawshir Mirza (Board of Directors, Tata Power). Infotainment will have a Spanish trope, Girasomnis, an illusion artist, Jc Sum, a comedy night by East India Comedy, Stand Up Comedy scene but Aravind – SA and more.

Every year, Pragyan teams up with the best technological organizations to come up with challenging and useful workshops, just for the participants. The 2016 edition will have workshops based on Haptic Robotic Arms, IC Engines, Cloud Computing, Cyber Warfare and Security, Golang, Image Processing and more. Pragyan also has a high social responsibility quotient and organizes year round activities for the same.

The varied Exhibitions offer a sneak peek at what the world is working on. Along with this, the students of NIT Trichy, under the banner of ‘Sangam’ display models developed by them on various problems. And the fun element of Pragyan, ‘Infotainment’ delivers an exciting mix of knowledge and entertainment through various artists.
Outreach, a Social Responsibility and so on, Pragyan is much more than what meets the eye. Celebrating Technology for 11 years, this edition of Pragyan brings out a way of seeing science differently.

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