LaundryAnna: Your Neighbourhood Dhobi in An App

Laundry is one of the most mundane chores that one has to take care of. The task becomes even more challenging for people who live alone, on their own. Although buying a washing machine could be a handy option, but many a time, the idea does not fit in very conveniently. Further, the entire process of washing, drying and ironing is quite onerous, which demands good time, energy and patience- the three key things, our hectic urban lifestyle lacks in.

Therefore, to resolve this issue and facilitate an affordable solution to this problem, LaundryAnna came into being.

Prateek (Right) and Rohit

Prateek (Right) and Rohit

Founded in March 2015 by Prateek Rana, Bangalore-based LaundryAnna is a hyperlocal doorstep laundry services app which aspires to blend the sophistication of state-of-the-art fabric servicing with the easy availability of a local dhobi, in your budget.

The company was later joined by Rohit as the co-founder.

Key Problems Addressed by the Company

The startup attempt to add professionalism to the laundry services industry which in India is a highly unorganized segment. According to Prateek, the pricing structure of the services is such that even a student can avail them out of their pocket money while not compromising on the quality or the TAT.

Prateek maintained that the biggest challenge that this industry faces is the turnaround time and quality. Most of the service providers have followed outsourced model (both processing and logistics) as it’s relatively easy to scale and asset light. But it has its own demerits like increased TAT and compromise on quality. He added, while  they have standards and policy for the same on papers but it is like trying to control X number of processing units without having any stakes in them. LaundryAnna is addressing the same with in-house logistics and processing. Even though it is difficult to expand but that’s how it gets repeat orders for more than 90% of its customers.

Key Features of the Startup

laundryAnnaThe company commits to 2-hours pick up, and guarantees 48- hours turnaround for normal while 24-hours for express orders.

The services include washing, dry cleaning, refurbishment, steam press and stain removal.

Customers can also take packages based on their requirements.

How is LaundryAnna Different from Other Players Competing in the Same Segment?

As claimed by the company, it does not outsource processing of garments and logistics. Further, it is profitable. Prateek states, “our processing unit is dedicated and customized for retail garments unlike other players who mostly cater to hotels and hospitals along with retail garments. We have our unique IVR ordering facility where a registered customer can just call on the customer support number and place an ‘ASAP’ pick up without even talking to anyone. While most players insist on online and app orders, IVR feature is appreciated by the elder members of the family who are not very familiar with the tech.”

Traction Details

Currently, the company which is operating only in Electronic city, Phase 1 & 2, Bangalore,  claims to generate 20-25 orders on weekdays and 35-40 on weekends. It gets repeat orders for more than 90% of its customers.

The App is available for Android users only.

Funding Status

LaundryAnna is presently bootstrapped.

Market Size, Scope and Future Plans

Talking about the market size, Prateek said, “the organized laundry market comprises of just 3-4% of the approximate Rs 5200 crores (KPMG study). This includes smaller outlets, physical stores as well. Out of the organized segment online would hardly be about 25 to 30%”.

Commenting on the company’s future plans, Prateek maintained, “We are extremely focused on service and quality while being profitable. While our competitors with services in pan Bangalore do about 100-150 orders a day while we do about 25-30% of that with just 2 areas. That itself speak volumes about our commitment to customer experience. We are growing slowly and steadily.  We are aggressively partnering up with apartment associations that boosts our exposure and revenues sooner than the conventional M & B exercises”.

He added, there is a huge potential for all the online players and with LaundryAnna’s service commitment and affordability, he is sure of the fact that the company will be a household name in the coming months.

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