7 Startups Passionate about Keeping India Healthy

As per IBEF latest report, Indian healthcare sector is growing at a 15% CAGR to reach $160 billion by 2017 and $280 billion by 2020. The industry is growing at a tremendous pace owing to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players, estimated at a CAGR of 5% during FY 2008–15 to $70 billion by 2015. Startups operating in this space are making it easier for people to avail healthcare services to stay fit. Here are 7 startups that people can use to access a variety of choices from Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, MMA, Cross Fit and many more.

1. Startup Name : Livehealth

Founded In: 2013

City: The startup is based out in Pune but it also has its sales offices in Mumbai and Bangalore as well.

Founders: Abhimanyu Bhosale – Co-founder & CEO, Mukund Malani – Co-founder & CTO

LivehealthDescription: Currently, the healthcare delivery system is fragmented and hence the end-user experience is completely broken. There are just handful of healthcare companies who are working on the delivery side of healthcare. Livehealth is trying to bridge the gap between the healthcare providers and the consumers by connecting them and allowing them to communicate in the possible way so they both benefit from it.

The startup aims to help health providers, patients, health researchers, government bodies, etc. analyse the vast amount of medical data generated on a daily basis at the provider’s end which otherwise is only provided in the form of paper-based reports and PDFs and is not at all useful. With revolutionizing healthcare delivery it also help providers manage their day to day processes better.

Revenue Model: At present, Livehealth’s revenue model for B2B is – it charge the laboratories and diagnostic centres for using its software to undergo their day to day functioning. The pricing is per month basis so the customer doesn’t have to pay a lump sum amount along with an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC).

And its revenue model for B2C is – it provide healthcare providers with a personal page for themselves where they can publish and sell health packages online and the consumers can book and purchase these packages using its multiple payment gateways. The startup charge a small percentage of the package amount to the health providers for the same.

Traction: The startup has more than 175 customers and Diagnostic Centres and Laboratories across 18 different cities. It has more than 5,000 monthly active users and 1 million + medical records generated per month.

2. Startup Name: Fitpass

Founded In: 2015

City: Delhi NCR

Founders: Akshay VermaArushi Verma

FitpassDescription: Fitpass is your pass to workout anywhere, anytime across 1000+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR. Priced at Rs.999 per month, the startup gives its users the flexibilitiy to workout when they want, how they want and where they want. Its users have access to unparalleled variety of choices from Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, MMA, Cross Fit, circuit training, kickboxing, spinning, bootcamp and many more. Fitpass is an app based service available on iOS & Android.

User: The startup claims that it makes fitness accessible by making it economical, convenient and fun.

Gyms/Fitness Studios: Fitpass helps them increase their utilization rates and generate additional revenue. Fitpass also provides tech enabled services to help gyms and fitness studios manage their business needs and generate cost savings.

Revenue model: The company offers 1 month fitness plan for Rs.999 and 3 month plan for Rs.2499. The company also has 6 proprietary products named after its most common fitness goals (6 Pack Abs, Sexy Calves, 36-24-36, Dolay Sholay, Pecs of Steel and Bikini Bod). Priced at Rs.499 and Rs.999, these products comprise of a diet plan and a curated workout guide to suit their fitpass membership plan.

Traction: 4000+ app downloads in the last 6 weeks (since 1 Jan); Week on week growth: 150-200%

3. Startup Name: Superdoc

Founded In: 2015

City: Mumbai

Founders: Chaitanya Mehta (GWU), Abhishek Mane (NYU), Dr. Dinesh Rijhwani (KEM MBBS, IIM-A MBA)

superdocDescription: Superdoc allows users to chat with doctors and get health advice for free. Patients can also attach reports and photos of the affected area. Doctors answer patient questions within 10 minutes. The service is live between 8am to 12am, 365 days a year.

Superdoc plans to be a 24 hours service with health assistants that help patients connect with healthcare services.

Revenue Model: The startup plans to charge fees for doctor chats as well as monthly subscriptions for doctor and psychologist chats in a fremium model where the first chat is free. Superdoc also plans to venture into mental health counseling by psychologists.

Traction: Superdoc app has more than 12000 users (150+ new users/day) and a 4.5 app rating. It is doing 350 doctor chats daily and is growing 42% MoM. Superdoc claims that it has spent no money on advertising and all its growth is organic. 27% of its traffic is from the US and 9% from the UK. Dermatology, mental health and pediatrics are the most sought after specialties.

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4. Startup Name: Fitmeln (Owned by Pasta Lifestyle Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Founded In: 2015

City: New Delhi

Founders: Vishesh Goel (COO & Co-Founder), Nidhisha Varshney (CEO & Co- Founder), Lalit Singh (CTO & Co-Founder)

FitmelnDescription: FitMeIn is a technology platform in the fitness segment that aims to interconnect millions of mobile users to thousands of fitness studios and experts across India. The startup’s objective is to make fitness more fun, accessible and a way of life for users. It uses an E-wallet concept of FitCoins (TM) to discover and book variety of fitness sessions and related services without having to commit to a long term subscription of any one fitness destination/ trainer.

The company has also launched its app for Android and iOS users.

Revenue Model: The startup has 2 plans for all users which is given below:
Travellers Plan – 10 FitCoins – Rs. 1299/- month

Regular Plan – 30 FitCoins – Rs. 2499/- month

Traction: Its app has more than 5000 downloads and out of these more than 20% are active users of its platform. Going forward, FitMeIn is looking at scaling up its operations and expanding to all major metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai etc. by the end of 2016. It will be soon launching value added services for its users that will bring out a significant amount if change on how the fitness industry operates.

5. Startup Name: EuorHealth

Founded In: 2013

City: Kolkata

Founders: Sudip Mukherjee (CEO), Chandrima MukherjeeSuraj Agarwal

EuorHealthDescription: EuorHealth is an online marketplace for all Healthcare services, where people can search, identify, book, buy their required healthcare services using the app or just giving one call. The startup provides guidance for several healthcare services like ambulance services, diagnostics, doctor’s appointment, doctor’s home visit, elderly care, hospital admission, instant doctor’s consultation, pathology, physiotherapy, preventive health care, rehabilitation etc. It is connecting tier 2, tier 3 cities and even rural India with its mobile application and electronic health terminals (A virtual clinic connecting with city’s quality health care system and deliver the same to rural India at affordable cost).

Revenue Model: Its revenue model is transaction based being a marketplace model. The startup is aggregator and providing its platform to healthcare service providers, medical professionals to offer their services for sales to healthcare consumers. By March 2016 end, it expect to reach total revenue of about Rs. 35 lakh per month. The company is at early revenue generation stage.

Traction: EuorHealth launched its App on July 1st 2015 and till than it acquired 1 Lakh satisfied customer in Kolkata only. Currently the startup is looking for Growth Fund of $2 million i.e. Approx. Rs. 12 Crore to establish the model and market throughout Eastern, North Eastern and 10 Major big cities across India . Majority of the investment will be spend in Hiring ( Recruitment ), Advertisement, Marketing & Technology development.

It expect 10X times growth overall in 2016-17 in traction & transactions. EuorHealth per day booking include:

  1. Pathology – Avg. 350 Collections in Kolkata only which it expect to rise about 2500 collections per day within March in few cities.
  2. Diagnostics- Avg. 75 bookings in Kolkata only, the startup will expect 5 times increase by April 2016.
  3. Physiotherapy- Avg. 65 bookings in Kolkata only, the startup will expect 5 times increase by April 2016.
  4. The company has good traction in other services too as Hospital admission, Instant Doctor’s Consultation, Doctors appointment, Home Care Services etc.

“Currently we are in West Bengal and expanding from March 1st 2016 in 42 cities / towns in Eastern India including Assam & Tripura with few of our major services, Pathology, Diagnostics, Hospital Admission, Doctors appointment & Home Care. We expect to bring 3 million user by coming year in our platform.” says team.

6. Startup Name : FitGo

Founded In: 2015

City: Bangalore

Founders: Ankit Agarwal (BITS Pilani, Ex Ola), Anupam Garg (BITS Pilani, Ex Ola, Copal Amba), Narendhiran S (BITS Pilani, Ex Mywash, Intruo)


Description: FitGo’s business idea is inspired from disorders that working professionals develop due to their sedentary lifestyles and poor food habits. Problems like Diabetes, obesity, heart disease risk start showing up after a first few years in fast paced work life.

The startup is working on a product that aims to bridge health & food-tech spaces using nutrition science expertise. It works with doctors & certified dietitians to enable home delivery of planned nutrition solutions for different health needs like weight management, diabetes control, cholesterol control etc. While the company own the operations and order fulfillment responsibility, diet planning is outsourced to experts.

The startup aims to make requirement-tailored food consumption a part of consumer lifestyles to ensure maximum health issues are actually taken care of​,​ just by following appropriate diet schedule.

Revenue Model: FitGo offers subscription based, result-oriented nutrition packages and charge retail customers for a bundled service i.e. pre-planned diet chart and food delivery. It also offer on-demand benefit meals to induce trial and adoption.

Traction: The company claims that its revenue run rate and subscriptions sold is doubling every month since launch of subscription based diet plans in November. Have acquired more than 3000 customers till date and currently doing 5000 meals per month with 60%+ repeat rate.

Startup Name: Doctor 24X7

Founded In: 2015

City: Gurgaon

Founders: Founder & CEO – Aloke Malik, Co-founder & Product Head – Vikrant Yadav

Doctor 24X7Description: Doctor 24×7 is a mobile app, available across Android & iOS platforms, that enables subscribers speak with qualified, experienced, licensed Doctors anytime of night or day, from anywhere in India.

Revenue Model: The startup estimates that the estimated spend on just the Doctor consultation fee is $6 billion per annum (without including costs incurred on hospitalization, medicines, diagnostics, etc), growing at a CAGR of 12%.

Doctor 24×7 is targeting just 0.5% of the above industry spend on Doctor consultation fee to be transacted through it’s network with an operating margin of 17% in steady state.

Traction: The company was launched with a network of 25 Doctors. It has crossed over 30,000 downloads, received over 2500 calls with a network of over 50 Doctors under three categories – General Physicians, Paediatricians, Gynaecologists.

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