Buzzer: A Safety App That Keeps Your Loved Ones Informed of Your Whereabouts

Looking to keep your loved ones safe with the help of an app? Location alert app – Buzzer is here to automatically send text to your contacts, be it family members, friends or co-workers, when you leave or enter certain locations.

Founded in August 2015 by Mihir Naik and Nimish Patel, Surat-based Buzzer is a location aware notifications app that allows user to automatically send notifications to friends and family, when they reach at destination. The app is currently available for Android users only.

It is simple and easy to use. Just take 2 step.
1. Select place e.g. home, school, gym, office, coffee shop or restaurant.
2. Choose your loved ones e.g. family, friends, co-founder or team and done (Just make sure location service and Internet connection are “ON”).


Buzzer App automatically notify to your selected contacts, when you reach at a place. Users can turn off the location service when they are not traveling.

The startup has also developed power saving mode in app to optimize Buzzer to use device battery as much optimized as possible without compromising with performance.

Other players like Motoalert and Waze also helping user to send notification based on location like buzzer doing but Buzzer is different from its competitors because it is not real time tracking app, it just help its user to send notification when he or she reached safely at home, office, school or any destination.

The startup has been bootstrapping. Currently it doesn’t have any plan for fund raising. Its app has around 1,600 downloads so far.

Talking about their traction details, Nimish told iamwire, “We have had tremendous response from every single person we showed our app. People referred us to their friends as well and before long we were used as a security app for women and a radio talk show talked about us for a week consistently during their show. Unfortunately, we were in Beta phase and were not available for public to download. This was all organic though.”

The company doesn’t monetize for now and it will never charge the end user. The monetization strategy is to create Buzzer for individual institutions and allowing them to manage various data points for users in that institution for a paid fee. The startup will further implement gamification to get into its users’ network.


Commenting on the problems faced by the venture, Nimish further added, “The major challenge for us is to keep up with development as well as marketing. We are trying to balance the two and have managed to do so without any hiccup. However, we are ready to expand our team if the right opportunity presents itself.”

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