How Brands Can Attract Organic Reach on their Websites via Social Media

This is a Guest Post by Mehak S. Shahani, the co-founder of WedMeGood

Leveraging social media may seem simple, but its surprising how very few brands get it right. Especially when you are a startup strapped for cash, leveraging this powerful medium can be your biggest channel for high quality, customers at little or sometimes no cost. Here are some ways brands can attract organic reach on their sites via social

  • Picking the right platform for you: Half of your job is identifying where your target market  is most online, what your goal from the platform is and what works best there . If you are looking at pure play traffic, you should start with Facebook and Pinterest as these two mediums will give you the most clicks on site . If you are looking more at brand awareness and engagement- Instagram and perhaps even Snapchat have way higher engagement figures than the others. Also look at your target age group and gender, as certain platforms are favoured over the other depending on that.
  • Creating share worthy content: Social is not a hard sell- no matter how much you want to tell your fans about this cool new feature your app has, they aren’t interested in listening to what seems like an advertisement.  Imagine if you were an online fashion portal, and instead of posting about the latest collection in stock on your social media, you showed your audience how to wear that latest collection for 3 different body types. The former- is an advertisement, the latter is helpful content. Our single largest  traffic driver is our blog – where we feature wedding albums of couples and some practical wedding planning advice that couples find genuinely useful.
  • Timing it right: Use the “Insights” tab on your Facebook page intelligently to see times of the day where your audience is online the most, and target posts around that time. Also keep in mind – items like videos on Instagram should always be targeted at off work hours, as most people won’t be playing sound in their work environments
  • Short & Concise Updates work better:  Shorter Facebook updates (less than 40 characters) tend to get more engagement, eyeballs and hence clicks as compared to long, drawn out messages. A great example in working social effectively is Refinery29, and their Facebook page would give you some great insights into how to do  a Facebook post.
  • Targeting  Facebook ads the right way: With Facebook reach getting more and more limited, you will have to shell out atleast some cash to garner the right audience . One of the most common mistakes while targeting Facebook ads is getting too literal. Eg: An online shoe brand targets young adults who have liked pages similar to shoes and fashion. Sure, that’s the basic- but for a minute think about your audience and what else they are interested in. Eg: Do you want to target the type of audience who watches Game of Thrones, or do you want to target the type of audience who watches Indian Idol? Is your target market someone who travels frequently and is aware of global trends, or is your target market someone very rooted in India?  Once you have that down, put these filters into your facebook ads. The most surprising segments can sometimes get the best results
  • Sound like a person: Social Media is about connecting people, and the more your brand sounds like a person, the better connect others have to it. Don’t be afraid to put your brand out there and give it a personality  and voice.
  • Be an early adopter: Even when some platforms seem to give you negligible value add, it pays to be an early adopter on them. Take for instance Snapchat – while it doesn’t seem like the best fit for a wedding portal targeting recently engaged couples, we actually let our fans takeover the WMG Snapchat account when they attend a wedding. They snap live from the weddings there, letting our snapchat followers see everything from the decor to the dulhan sitting in their home. Being an early adopter has ensured that the early twenties crowd which is so engaged on snapchat will discover us and stay tuned even when they are ready to get married.
  • Hashtags matter: There isn’t any science to the number and type of hashtags to put, but when it comes to discovery platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, Hashtags matter a whole lot. Think hard about every possible thing you could be searching for as a user and give clear, well defined hashtags for people to discover your content, but ofcourse don’t make it spammy.

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