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Alphabet Outshines Apple to Become World’s Most Valuable Company

Google’s parent Alphabet, has out-shined Apple to become the most valuable company in the world with a market cap of roughly be $554 billion, eclipsing Apple’s current market cap of about $534 billion.

The operating profit margin for its Google unit was 31.9% in the most recent quarter, compared to 25% for Alphabet.

Larry PageThe company said that its consolidated revenue jumped 17.8% to $21.33 billion in the fourth quarter ended December 31, from $18.10 billion a year earlier.

Alphabet Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Porat attributed the rise to strong growth in mobile search and ongoing momentum in YouTube advertising.

The last time Google was more valuable than Apple was in February 2010, when both companies were worth less than $200 billion. At the time, Apple had yet to release its first iPad, the newest iPhone on the market was the 3GS, and the Mac was the company’s biggest product line, accounting for one-third of revenue.

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