5 Simple Hacks to Boost the Sales of your eCommerce Startup

This is a Guest Post by Ashish Jhalani, Founder of eTailing India

Starting an eCommerce business is no easy feat, since you have limited resources at hand and a lot to accomplish. But once you are able to get the sales cracking, you know you’ll won half the battle and are on the right track, since it is the revenue you generate as a result, that’ll prove the fuel for your venture.

ecommHere are some simple hacks to boost the sales of your eCommerce startup.

Site Speed

Let’s dive into the first and foremost important growth hack, i.e., site speed. Do you know that a one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions? So now you know how important site speed is. Slow sites will turn your customers away. If you reduce the time your pages take to load, you can increase your conversions by at least 15-21%. The ideal page load time should be under 2 seconds.

Social Proof

People normally look to others for help and assurance when they are about to try something new. When they see others doing the same thin, it gives them a lot of assurance and allays their fear arising from a sense of uncertainty. Therefore, make sure your site oozes several proofs of its usage and gives the new visitors a sense of confidence to purchase from your site. Here’s how:

Customer Testimonials – It is an old trick, but surely works because the marketing message works in a more powerful way if someone else says it on your behalf. Get quotes from your customers and display it prominently on your site.

Logos – Even if you are a B2C site and you do not have big clients to show on your site, you can use popular media house logos that have covered you.

Customer Statistics– You should definitely showcase any respectable number of customers you had to your new visitors. For example, you can choose to showcase how many orders you have completed, people who have registered on your site, your email subscribers, your social media followers, i.e., how many fans you have on Facebook, Twitter followers etc.

Clutter Free Home Page

The Home Page of your eCommerce site is similar to your offline store’s entrance, and therefore, must make a strong impact, both visually and in terms of the content. Visitors can enter your site through any of your landing pages that you might have optimized through SEO, but if they are interested in your product, they will go straight to your home page to figure out what you are selling. It is the impact that the Home Page creates that’ll determine whether they end up buying or leaving your site. Don’t unnecessarily complicate it with too many links, videos and multiple call-to-action tabs or posts. Keep it simple and stick to the essential elements.

Reduce Customer Effort

Customers come for online shopping because of the convenience it offers, but if you make your customers do a lot of work and make the experience very long and cumbersome, they will not come to you. So, try to think of innovative ways to minimize the number of steps involved in the buying process. Do not make registration necessary and allow the customers to sign out as guest users. After all, how many people would want to fill out a form and make their account in every eCommerce they visit. Keep things simple, reduce the customer’s effort, and see the difference.

Content Strategy

You need to create high quality content for your consumer, which has independent value and has the potential to bring people to your site, so they can view and buy your products. Giving customers something away for free and selling something that is related works wonders. You can do this by creating meaningful blogs, high value videos etc.

These seemingly simple tips can go a long way in boosting the sales of your eCommerce startup and adding to the company’s coffers.

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