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5 Growth Start Up Hacks to Help You Grow Your Startup Business

This is a Guest Post by Sawaram Suthar, Head of Marketting at Tagove Live Chat

Have you recently launched your new business and are heading towards the next step to acquire more customers?

Do you feel that the strategies that you have planned for the sales and marketing would not be sufficient to allow you to sustain and compete in the market cluttered with the competitors? If the answer to the above question is yes than you have landed at the right page. As per the survey it was found that, 9 out of 10 startups will fail. Establishing a new startup is a very challenging and crucial task as entrepreneurs have to face multiple problems during the inception.

Getting recognition in the market is very difficult as one has to initiate the journey from zero and head towards success.
Here are 5 growth hacks that will help you to grow your start up and make the journey towards success more comfortable and easy.

1. Have a clear goal

The primary task of a business should be set up the defined goals for the business. The path becomes more difficult if the destination is not decided. Hence, it is imperative to set clear goals for the business and communicate the same to all the employees of the company. Setting goals gives you a clear idea of what you want. Unless you do not know what you want; how can you plan for it? Setting goals drives you forward in your business and allows you to streamline the 3 most important aspects for the business; product, people and process. Setting the goals will allow you to set the process that the people of your business can follow to provide the product that will be admired by the customers.

112. Produce engaging content

It is very vital to produce engaging content for the shoppers rather than just relying on the SEO. Content marketing is gaining more popularity these days and it has the power to become the voice of the company. As per the statistics, 37% of marketing managers believe that the most important channel for engaging the customers are the content-led websites. By producing unique and quality contents you can give viewers to spend some extra time on your website and business which would help you to differentiate from the competitors. It was found in a survey that 60% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading the content on its website. Hence, it is better to rely and invest in content writing rather than relying on the SEO.

123. Simplify the time consuming activities

It is very crucial to be productive and handle the tasks more efficiently specially in startup business. There could be many tasks and processes in the business that would be more time consuming and which could be automated. Automating the tasks using tools, you can save the much needed time of the employees and can allow them to work more accurately. It will help you to get more with less effort.

Tagove – Getting multiples calls and queries can be hurdle for any startup, but Tagove comes with a rescue as it will help you manage multiple queries and customer support using live chat.

Asana – If you are looking to judge team work than asana is best option. It provides awesome dashboard along with different-different features to track employee work.

Skyward ERP – As mentioned above, process is an important part of succeeding in the business along with product and people. Using skyward ERP, you can easily automate your business process like day to day activities, inventory etc.

Trello – Whether it is managing project or team, Trello is your main weapon for getting things done and staying organized.

4. Analyze the business using Google analytics

If you are doing everything for your business but not analyzing the results, then certainly you are missing out something really very important. If you do not analyze your business than you will never be able to differentiate between the good and bad practices for your business. A careful monitoring is a must for more accurate results. Google analytics is one of the best tools and is highly admired by the users. It allows you to differentiate between the activities that are beneficial to the business from the activities that are waste of time and money. There are multiple ways in which Google analytics can be used. Firstly, it can be used to monitor the website traffic as it provides all the details like number of users visiting the website, time spent on a particular webpage and many similar details. Secondly, it also helps to compare the traffic generated by different paid sources and identify the paid source that generates more ROI. Moreover, it can also be used to compare different ad campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

135. Use social media to acquire new customers

For a startup it becomes very difficult to create brand visibility as it has very limited resources. Social media has become very popular with the people of all age group and should be leveraged to the fullest in order to acquire more customers. Owing to its popularity it becomes very easy to get the target age group with the help of social media. However, for a startup the number of individuals are very less hence they should employ the tools than can help to manage and operate multiple social media accounts in a short span of time. Hootsuite is one of the most important tool available in the market than can help to manage multiple social account from a single platform. It helps to increase productivity as well as efficiency as with the help of this app you can schedule the post to 5 different accounts at the same time. It helps to increase the brand visibility and enhances the productivity of the employees.


Managing a startup business and making it is a successful it a really challenging task. But by implementing the above mentioned startup hacks and by making the optimum use of available resources and technology you can get the desired results; and turn your new venture into successful business.

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