Whatashort: A Platform for Filmmakers to Showcase Their Work

In a developing country like India, a filmmaker has to go through hardships and thousands of gatekeepers to make a motion picture. The biggest thing is not making a film but creating a marketing buzz for it. Motion pictures require a lot of capital and this is the biggest factor hurting filmmakers. A need for a specific platform was felt for those young and enthusiastic film makers and that’s when Whatashort came into being.

Founding Details & Services

Founded by Ravie Solanky and Dimpy Dua in March 2015, Whatashort serves as a delivery system for short films. The company is a dedicated platform for short filmmakers and its admirers. Once the film is completed, the maker can submit it on the website for free and it will be showcased to people around the globe through its platform.

The company was started as a Facebook group for sharing works of filmmakers. Speaking with Ravie, he said “we soon realised there is a dearth of a space where short-films can be showcased and filmmakers can reach their viewers more efficiently.” The Delhi-based company also acts as a tool to showcase talent to filmmakers and provide them professionals fit for the field.

Key services by the platform include:

  • Online Dedicated Film Page
  • Free online promotion through Social Media & Newsletter
  • Promotion through Dedicated film mailer
  • Film & Trailer Review
  • Featured Film Listing
  • Filmmakers will get a dedicated page to promote themselves & their creations
  • Filmmakers’ can edit & update the film details whenever they need.

Monetization & Funding

The company recently started a film festival ‘Whatashort India International Film Festival’ and grabbed attention of filmmakers globally. More than 300 films were submitted in the festival and many films came in that were been recognised by other film festivals.

Whatashort is currently monetising on advertisements received by the website and through the participation fee of their film festival. The company quoted that they’ll soon be initiating premium services for filmmakers (to promote their work) and industry professionals (to help them find talent).

The company is currently being bootstrapped, the founders stated that they are looking to raise funds in the coming months. When asked about how do they plan to expand, Ravie said, “Our future plan includes a vast range of promotion services to be provided to our filmmakers. Expanding our reach to regional languages, capturing local market by offline campaigns and achieving a status at par with feature films for Short-films using offline screenings.”

Traction & Competitors

The platform has more than a million hits, with more than 500 films and 300 subscribed filmmakers in less than a year. The company is looking to capitalize the growing entertainment market by entering the short films market space. The USP of Whatashort lies in its originality of the content, people get to watch diverse point of views spread across different genres.

The platform seems to be gaining attention within the market. There are various video hosting platforms, but no one is really concentrating on the short films section. After all, who would provide free original content, without any subscription and throw light on filmmakers and people involved in the production & direction.

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