[Video] Why Work in a Startup?

The most common question among students graduating from colleges is, “Should I work for a corporate or go for a startup?”. If you believe in their project, their mission and the growth opportunities, then what’s stopping you to work in a company that has just kickstarted? It’s all about how much you learn and you get that opportunity- to step in many shoes and learn more than you could.

In this panel discussion at the Boston Startup Job Fair, 6 startup leaders are asking the following questions: 1. What is the best part of working at your company? 2. What is it like spending so much time with your colleagues, both working and socializing? 3. What is the hardest part of working in a startup? 4. What do you look for in a new hire? 5. What sort of people do well in a startup? 6. What does “Startup” mean? Is it size? funding? Length of time in business? 7. How can employees keep growing in their careers and not get pigeonholed into a type of role?

The video was shared by QoolFoto on its Youtube channel

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