[Video] AI That Learns & Adapts Like Humans By Inventor of Siri – Babak Hodjat

So what is AI after all, we’ve been familiar with this term since the 80’s. Is it all about human assistance or something else. In this video Babak Hodjat, Co-Founder of Sentient, explains AI is not about anything else but something that is inspired from a biological mind (let’s just say humans). Artificial intelligence is not restricted to just human intelligence, but AI is something that goes beyond human mind, it can solve things that even our minds cannot think of.

He explains his story, says long time back before he worked on Siri, they put on an AI assistant on their website and saw the responses of people asking questions like “tell us the meaning of life?, What do you know about this, that etc etc.” So Hodjad decided to put all that data in it so that whenever the user ask for something, let’s just say ‘what is the meaning of life’, the assistant would take a random reply from a list installed in it and that impressed people because that assistant now was Apple’s Siri and people thought it was so intelligent.

Watch this video to know more about ‘Artificial Intelligence straight from the expert’s mouth. The video was shared by This Week In Startups on its Youtube Channel.

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