Unacademy: A Platform Trying to Balance Out the Education Inequality in India

India is one of the most fastest growing economies in the world but the inequality in the quality of education is paralysing the human resource to cope up with the technology of the 21st century. This problem needs to be addressed by not only the government but people should too start taking initiatives. These small initiatives like ‘Educate a child’ (don’t pay but educate) and the work done by some NGO’s by gathering the needy and educating them personally, has created a sense of awareness among people. Afterall, ‘It is our basic right to get education’, to amplify the ‘Free Education’ movement Unacademy came into being.

Founded by Gaurav MunjalHemesh Singh, Roman Saini and Sachin Gupta in December 2015, the platform acts as a free education tool. Unacademy started as a Youtube channel by Gaurav Munjal in 2010, which featured educational talks by experts. The company claims to have received over 12 million views till date on its video channel. In a conversation with Gaurav, he stated that him and Hemesh had to resign their position of CEO and CTO respectively from Flatchat to start this initiative.

The website works on a system, where a user registers through his Facebook/Google plus account and has to follow educators. After following a few people, the user is able to receive video feeds on his homepage by those educators. Now, these videos are based on topics like programming, economics, etc on different languages. Gaurav in a statement said that they are also going to launching a ‘Follow Topic’ feature, where the subjects can be followed instead of the educators.

Unacademy Founders

Unacademy Founders Hemesh Singh, Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini and Sachin Gupta (From L to R)

When asked about the market, Gaurav stated that they are not looking at how big is the market, rather building a platform to promote the cause. “It’s a huge problem in India that high quality education is not available to the masses and we want to solve that problem first,” he further added.

The company is currently being bootstrapped and small amounts have been invested by a few advisors. When asked if they are looking to raise funds, Gaurav quoted that currently they are content with the current situation.

Since the launch of the website, Gaurav claims to have received 200,000 video views on its platform with a million views on its youtube channel every month. Also, the company is planning to launch premium services to expand its product, these services might include a feature like personal user-educator communication. Currently, they are monetizing through advertisements and through its Youtube channel.

The company is concentrating more towards the cause of providing free and quality education in the country. There are websites providing free educational content, but then unacademy founders are not looking towards this sector as a competition, rather just spreading literacy to the masses.

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