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Tech Startup Sensara Gets $750K from ex-Google India Head Lalitesh Katraggada

Bangalore-based tech startup Sensara which converts a smartphone into television remote, has raised $750,000 from former Google India head Lalitesh Katragadda and Ganayantrika Systems. The raised funding will be used to grow the company and add more products to its portfolio. As part of the deal, Lalitesh Katragadda and Anant Pandit-director of Ganayantrika will join the board of the company.

Founded in 2014 by ex-Google employee Bharath Kumar Mohan, Sensara enables search of TV programmes on the mobile device, if phone supports InfraRed. On phones with no IR, Sensy helps users with a TV guide + channel information handy on the screen enabling the users to switch to the channel of their choice. If a phone does not support InfraRed, users can also sign up for a early beta of Sensy Remote dongle.

The company’s app Sensy has about 80,000 downloads so far. Sensy allows users to search by an actor, to see movies featuring him played through the week. They can also search by the show’s name, genre, or even channel name. Users can search across 450 channels, 9800 shows, and 14 languages. Sensy covers all major Indian channels.

The company also plans to introduce a few hardware devices to accompany the app.

“India has 150 million set-top boxes and 150 million smart phones, but the two do not acknowledge each other. Most phones do not have InfraRed emitters, so we decided to build affordable accessories that give power to your mobile phones. We’ve declared war on that old remote in your living room,” said Bharath Kumar Mohan, Founder and CEO of Sensara.

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