SnapCape: A Platform for Pro and Amateur Photographers

Founded in 2015 by a group of three highly experienced professionals across fields like marketing, Web & Mobile technologies, SnapCape is a platform for young, passionate Smart-Phone photographers to connect with the industry. The startup provides cost effective real-life custom/task based visual content & ideations that help brands to connect with the audience, catering to their specific needs.


SnapCape is the brainchild of Ranjeet Passi, Arsh and RP Singh. Speaking on the essence of the company, the team said, “It is that venture where we consider everyone with a smartphone a photographer, who can associate with brands/ agencies/ editorials globally, to monetize their shots.”

Key Problem Addressed by the Startup

Finding that exclusive picture for your brand or editorial, which is engaging, great in quality and can convey your idea best, is an extremely onerous task. This is what SnapCape attempts to ease.

Features of the Startup

It is a photo crowding platform where photographers can upload their work and tag the price between $1 to $5. If any brand likes the work and is willing to purchase the picture, SnapCape will facilitate the business and transfer the amount directly to the uploader’s account.

The platform also enables brands to give out tasks, for which users can compete with one another. The best out of the lot is then selected and gets paid.

The platform has multiple filters which help users narrow down the range of options as per their requirements.

Every content on SnapCape is watermarked and patented in order to check copyright infringement.

Every picture is furnished with detailed information like the location, name of the device, size of the image, time of upload etc.

How it works

Step 1: Photographers can click pictures from their mobile phones or camera and upload them on Snapcape.

Step 2: Once the image is uploaded, the uploader needs to specify the category it fall in – any from the list provided.

Step3. Set a price for the image, anything ranging between $1 to $5.

Step 4: The buyers can scroll and select and add images to their cart. They can also make use of keywords and brand names to customize the search.

Step 5: Finally they can buy the chosen images. Further, the model space is backed with a folder called “Favourite” where buyers can save all the images they wish to buy sometime in future.

Users can see the image below to understand how a task for custom images can be created:


Traction Details and Monetization

In 2.5 months, the startup claims to have acquired 15,000 Users with 12,000+ App downloads and 8000+ verified images, organically. (Download the App here)

It takes 30% commission on every transaction it facilitates.

Funding Status

The company is currently bootstrapped and is looking to raise funds.

To have a better understanding of the startup, check out the video given below:

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