SectorQube: Startup Making Smart Kitchen Devices

Founded in October 2011 by Nibu Alias, Ani Abraham Joy, Sabarish Prakash, Biniyas VL, Arjun S and Midhun Skaria, Kochi-based SectorQube creates smart kitchen devices that make food automatically. The startup’s first product was a smart multi-functional oven named MAID (Microwave Android Integrated Device) that raised $48,000 (around Rs 30 lakh) via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

SectorQube's Co-founders

SectorQube’s Co-founders

Its new product Rotinow (automatic roti maker) is currently in development phase. The user feeds flour, water and oil into the dispensers, selects the number of rotis needed and Rotinow can make rotis at the rate of 1 every 1.5 minute.

The startup raised an angel round of funding from Guerrilla Ventures run by Ritesh Malik. The funds were used to develop MAID. The company is further planning to raise Rs 1 crore for the development of its latest device Rotinow.

MAID got 200 pre-orders in Kickstarter and has been licensed to a manufacturer. Rotinow is currently being discussed with two manufacturers.

Going forward, the startup will create a line of devices that will give the consumer a smart home experience. Rotinow can be introduced in western markets as any flat bread maker.

Due to increasing demand in the electronics industry, India is expected to become the fifth largest consumer durables market in world by 2025. The consumer electronics market is expected to cross $400 billion by 2020.

Rotinow will directly compete with Rotimatic (product by Zimplistic), a Singapore based company. Rotimatic has a pre-order price of Rs. 35,000 while Rotinow costs less than Rs. 10,000. “Also, we use less robotics so that the device can be washed under the tap, which conforms to the Indian consumer’s attitude,” said SectorQube’s Co-founder, Sabarish Prakash while discussing the product’s differential factor.

Commenting on the challenges faced by the venture, he further mentioned, “Currently in India, the investments made in hardware startups are scarce. This is due to the huge risk involved and larger turn around time of funds. The R&D facilities are also less accessible and not upto the mark compared to their US counterparts. All these but does not deter the innovative minds.”

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    This company is a fraud, they stole over $120K USD from the backers of their crowdfunding campaign for MAID Oven, to date it’s been 2 years since the last update, after 3 years and spending all the funds (this by their own admission) there’s still no product, repeated requests for updates and refunds are being ignored.

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