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Flipkart Invests in Parenting Social Network Tinystep

Online retailer Flipkart has invested an undisclosed amount in Tinystep, a parenting social network. The raised capital will be used by the startup to develop the product, enhance user experience and strengthen the team. The funding will also be channelized towards accelerating the company’s growth and its user engagement.


Tinystep is a parenting community that allows users to interact on a platform where they can ask, share and connect with other parents.

Whether it is about planning for a baby, or the best breakfast for a 2-year-old, information and advice from the experienced is vital. With features like the Q&A Forum, individual and group chats, Tinystep makes this parenting experience fulfilling.

Recently launched features of vaccination and growth charts ensure that users never miss out on a vaccination and enable them to be constantly aware of their child’s growth.

Suhail Abidi, founder of Tinystep, said, “We provide a vibrant platform for parents to come together, collaborate and help each other raise their children in the most effective manner. Tinystep is a vertical social network that connects people around the most fundamental human thing: LIFE. Silicon Valley has given us Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more awesome social products, Tinystep can be a tiny gift from India. Flipkart is helping us with the required guidance to continue our excelling growth. ”

The company has a single focus- developing a seamless experience for parents to connect and share with other parents. The kind of interaction and engagement the app has seen from its users, truly validates its purpose. The app has many features lined up, such as, Milestones – your baby’s first steps, first tooth, memories, etc – so you never miss out on anything; Meetups – dedicated to encouraging parents to organise meet ups directly through the app etc.

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