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Flipkart Backed MadRat Games Unveils Wearable Gaming Platform for Kids In CES 2016

US based game design company, MadRat Games, has developed an interactive suit to reduce the screen time and focus more on increasing social interaction and physical activities in children.

The company was founded by IIT Alumni, Rajat Dhariwal, who launched the prototype of the ‘Super Suit’ in the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas. The company has been backed by the founders of eCommerce giants like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

This so called super suit, consists of a digital vest that lights up and talks. Also the suit comes with a pair of gloves that can control different devices and target opponents. The vest displays scores and hits in the form of audio or a visual. It has motion sensors that can recognise the gesture of your hands to generate cheat codes, invoke a protective shield, shoot etc. Also it comes with an app which helps parents to check on their children’s fitness and also track their location.

The founder explained how he wanted to create a walking playstation and said, “The idea was to create a Playstation you can wear, so you can get out of home. If you have something like an Xbox, you are tied to the TV.”

The idea of the product came out when the founders (Husband & Wife) were doing research on board games and came up with a plan to create a new space for children. Nowadays, most of the kids/youth spend their time in front of the TV or the mobile screen, they wanted to innovate something that could make children focus more on outdoor activities.

One of the investors and Flipkart founder, Sachin Bansal stated that this is the first of its kind and it will give them a global advantage of being the first movers. Also, this company can reach heights in next five years.

The founder explained that this will not be an end-to-end platform, rather it will be an open source platform that will allow different programmers and developers to create games that can be played using the ‘Super Suit’.

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