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Flexing It Launches ‘Feebee’, Its Version Of Glassdoor for Freelancers

Hiring is something that every company needs to go through. The idea and thinking of the market is on a verge of a flip, from hiring full timers to taking up freelancers. People can see the rise of Startups in India, these startups need to manage funds accordingly and not spend a lot into hiring. That’s where the idea of Freelancers come into play


To address the gap, Flexing It introduced a calculator (Fee Calculator) that helps indicate what a consultant/freelancer should charge for a project on a monthly basis to achieve a certain target income. (Image Source)

Will it be not easier to hire someone with no strings attached, than hiring someone on a full basis and incur more money, time and space? To solve the problem ‘Flexing It’ went on being the glassdoor for freelancers.

The company recently launched a benchmarking tool ‘Feebee’ for freelancers/independents, so that they have an idea of what other people charge for freelance, having the same specialization. The service is for free, the website asks users to register and provide them with relevant information so that they can set a benchmark for others. Some of the questions include details like working hours, type of service, how much are they charging, experience etc.

The company was founded by Chandrika Pasricha, a management consultant with over 18 years of industry experience. Chandrika has worked with McKinsey & Co, Inc both in India and in the United States, and has more recently been working as an independent consultant in the areas of healthcare and development.

To build this platform, data collection exercise was practised, this collected data was then used for benchmarking. The main aim of the company is to remove the ambiguity factor from the freelance industry. As the company quotes, “Our aim is to facilitate an exponential growth in the number of freelancing engagements in companies and fuel the growth of the clan of the flexible professionals.”

According to the company, 70% of freelancers, independent professionals have get to negotiate the sum they are paid, according to the client’s budget. Also, only 20% of the total companies have standard slabs for independent workers.

For full time jobs, there are platforms, like Glassdoor, Payscale etc, so people know how and on what to negotiate. What about freelancers? ‘Asking Around’ is a method followed by both- the company and them.

The data collected at Feebee is updated time to to time, and changing with time makes this platform a solid bench for freelancers. The service provided by the company is free for now, talking to Pritha Singh, Product Strategy & Operations, she stated that this is a new product and the company is not charging any fee for this service. Also, she added, that they are not monetizing but building a user base for the website so that once there is an established platform for freelancers, the company can reverie to monetize.

Freelancers can help them strengthen the Independent professionals community by filling their details about how much they charge, what is the area of specialization etc.

The company had raised $500,000 last year in October from Angel Investors, Arjun Dhawan and Dhruv Agarwala. According to, India has the biggest population of freelancers registered on the website, while on, India is just behind Phillipines in the same.

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