Fitgo: A Food Delivery Platform Offering Tailored Healthy Meals

Shown above Fitgo's team

Shown above Fitgo’s team

What if you get your customized daily diet virtual dashboard ready, prepared by health experts specially for you and then food delivered to your doorstep, would you mind taking a disciplined bite. Addressing the same market need in a different fashion combining healthcare and food-tech together, is a Bangalore based startup called Founded by a team of BITS alumni Narendhiran Sundaresan, Ankit Agarwal and Anupam Garg, it is trying to create a marketplace for fitness experts and facilitate result-oriented diet food delivery.


Being a plan-based diet food delivery platform the company aims to bridge the gap in expert recommended diet plans’ demand and availability in ready-to-consume format. The product range includes result-oriented weight management diets, detox diets, enhancement diets (like stress management, immunity boosters), medical diets (for diabetes, anaemia, pregnancy) and special diets for specific results.

The plans are designed by Nutrition science specialists, dieticians whose profiles can be viewed from the website. One can go through plan specifications, frequently asked questions and instructions to follow. Subscription starts from Rs.299/ day to Rs.399/ day for a complete day meal.


Sample Executive Meal Plan


The team has three players all hailing from Birla Institute of Technology and Science. Anupam Garg previously worked with Capgemini, Copal Amba (a Moody’s subsidiary), and Ankit Agarwal with Frost & Sullivan, HSBC, and Narendhiran Sundaresan has work experience in Goldman Sachs,, and MyWash.


It has served 1500 customers in last three months serving over 4000 meals in selected areas of Bangalore after going live in September 2015. The repeat business rate is maintained over 50%.

Market size

Sighting the increasing gap between healthcare and foodtech spaces, fitgo using nutrition science expertise is trying to help working professionals avoid/control lifestyle disorders by providing requirement-tailored meals for different health needs like weight management, cholesterol control, diabetes control etc.

According to a research 4 in 10 Bangaloreans are obese while 70% are overweight. 26% of the city’s population is diabetic while 3 in every 4 residents here suffer heart disease risk. And this all can be attributed to poor lifestyles especially unhealthy eating habits. As per facts published in a national daily a couple of years ago, 6% of city’s population eats out daily, 36% once a week. The physical activity remains quite low with 57% working class having “physically inactive” lifestyle.

The market size in food delivery market is of $ 1.6 billion.

Competition and Plans

Fitgo competes with companies especially the ones focusing on health quotient like Caloriecare, freshmenu, itiffin, tandurust.

It plans to cover entire Bangalore in the coming year with focus on more differentiation when it comes to customer needs. Currently working with a network of Nutrition science specialists, health coaches, fitness experts, personal trainers and dieticians with more than 30 years of experience at organisation like WHO and UNDP, it would like to bring more experts in the chain.

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