EduisFun Aims to Make Learning Easy and Comprehensive Via Games

Mumbai-based Eduisfun is an education gaming venture by IIT-IIM Alumnus (Co-founders Praveen Tyagi & Jatin Solanki). It aims to make learning fun, easy & accessible to everyone through games.

In general parents and students focus more on their grade rather than on fundamental skills. Also, tests in schools are meant to motivate students. But a lot of students respond to testing by getting stressed out. Also, in this digital era, already established ways of learning, like books & physical classroom education, are now becoming slow in catching up with the pace at which education can be imparted to the fast-moving generation.

“We thought there should be a better way to help students learn, change mindset and improve academic standards.  So, Eduisfun is bridging the concerning gap, making learning fun for children by  providing an enhanced gamified learning experience to facilitate conceptual learning taking care of child’s requirements and grasping potential,” Eduisfun’s team told iamwire.

Its games currently live on the google play store. Knowledge Kombat & Snailrush (a trivia game) are designed around concepts of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The startup claims that it received positive feedback from students/parents/teachers & also reported performance improvement in students.

It offers interactive learning (Involving students), focused on conceptual clarity, providing detailed insights to student as well as reports to parents/teachers regarding the performance of the students and provide rewards for good performers. EduisFun’s games work offline and include Performance Meters that produce regular analytics on student performance. Additionally, voice-guided slides and videos are linked, so that the students can recapitulate the entire content when required.

EduisFun's Team

EduisFun’s Team

Eduisfun has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from an educational institute based out in Mumbai. Its users have solved over 2,50,000 questions on its platform and its games on the Google Play store have gotten over 7000+ downloads.

Going forward, the startup aims to reach out to a larger student community and extend its games to cover more courses. Also it wants to make games more hi-tech to appeal to current tech-savvy generation.

Commenting on its differentiation, the startup stated, “Other edugaming ventures are targeting mostly the course beginners, where as Eduisfun has mastered in making games for secondary school students. There are additional features which general educational games app don’t have like provision to send the performance report to teachers/parents & games work offline too making it accessible to students even in remote areas.”

The company forecasts that the edugaming sector is yet in its early stage and offers abundant opportunity to grow without any chance of getting statured in the future foreseen. With increasing internet penetration and growing digitalization, it is bound to expand.

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