5 IoT Startups to Watch Out for in 2016

2015 turned out to be a great year for the Internet of Things technology and it saw some of the greatest innovative ideas as well as intelligent technologies making its way into the world of secure homes, smart buildings and super- powerful cars. With the Internet of Things turning out to be a mainstream technology in 2015, it is needless to say that 2016 will see some of the lesser- known as well as least- seen technologies which will benefit our society and make our lives simpler to a very large extent. While there are several top- notch companies already dipping their feet in the pool of opportunities under the Internet of Things technology, there are also few start up companies which are on their way to experiment their scope in this genre.

In the meanwhile, it is a great deal for all well- established as well as start up companies since there are going to be several new challenges posed in the way of creating smart gadgets, devices, objects and a world altogether. Some of the challenges that these companies and start ups can face include security weakness, disruptive consumer applications, conceptualization as well as privacy concerns to name a few!!  Below are some of the IoT start ups to watch out for in 2016.

Top 5 Internet of Things Start Ups In 2016

1. Parkifi

Parking is nothing less than an ordeal for all people dwelling in the cities. The daily bane of finding the right parking space for your vehicle can be quite daunting and we have already seen a number of companies coming up with their ways of improving parking facility. Parkifi is an Internet of Things start up which can assist all drivers who are looking for parking spaces. The company which is offering sensors to all leading companies in order to notify drivers about any available parking space in their vicinity, thus decreasing the number of accidents, incidents of congestion as well as pollution caused by circling cars. Based in Denver, Parkifi has already installed 1000+ sensors across the United States. This company is now focusing on turning 2016 to be a great year for itself!

2. Cognito Networks


Cognito Dashboard

Here is an Internet of Things start up which will aid all companies in creating IoT applications with the help of its cloud service. Technologies as well as services which aid the development of Internet of Things products are as important as the idea of IoT itself. With the help of Cognito Networks, you can develop wireless technologies and IoT products with the help of sensors as well as M2M technology. It delivers optimum business solutions and recommendations aiding procedures which are needful in creating an energized environment for the development of Internet of Things- powered devices and ideas.

3. Droplit


Ever dreamed of owning a smart as well as well- connected home? With Droplit, this dream of yours can turn into a reality! This Internet of Things start up is capable of developing a connection with some or all of the smart devices and appliances in your home. With a constant connection developed with all your smart devices, Droplit will enable you to control your entire house from anywhere and everywhere irrespective of your current location. One of the prominent advantages of using Droplit in your houses is that it enables you to control your home from any device as well!! The setup can be established without the use of any wires and it also saves energy to a very large extent.

4. Blu Flux

Shown Above: BluFlux's Services

Shown Above: BluFlux’s Services

If you are a participant in the race of creating the best IoT idea, then Blu Flux can be of great help to you. Blu Flux is an Internet of Things start up which will cater to improving off-the-shelf antenna performance. With the help of it, you will be able to integrate your products with UWB- based RTLS sensors. Starting from smart phones to smart meters and intelligent wearables, Blu Flux will make it easier for the world to get connected into a common cloud network under the Internet of Things technology.

5. Bov Control

Bov Control

Bov Control is a Brazilian start up company which is turning cows into data collection tools by tracking their entire lifetime for the sole purpose of improving the performance of meat quality control processes. This is an innovative approach in the farming industry which concentrates at bringing data analytics to the farming industry. Not only meat, rather Bov Control can be used for the purpose of improving the quality of milk and other dairy produce as well.  This collected data can be used for increasing the production of food and also aid farmers in improving all the operations that are involved in farming.

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