[Video] From Startup to Scale Up By Marvin Liao, Partner, 500 Startups

Marvin Liao is a partner at 500 Startups, running the San Francisco based accelerator program as well as investing in seed stage start ups. He Invests in Digital Media, Enterprise SAAS, Marketplace, Mobile, AdTech/MarketingTech, Digital Health, Internet of Things & Fintech startups. As a 500 Startups mentor, Marvin guides startup companies with business development, marketing, operations, and sales expertise.

In this video, Marvin explains about scaling growth, how to measure the performance of your startup and conversion rate of your customers. He points out that it is important to realize that without the right metrics there is no extraordinary success. It is necessary to determine which activities had a positive impact on scaling growth.

“9 out of 10 experiments in measuring performance are inconclusive about what really needs to be changed. Understand that testing is a difficult process, but if you persevere, it provides exactly the results you want to achieve with your company. “– Marvin Liao.

This video was shared by webgovpl on its Youtube channel.

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