[Video] What Grocery Startups Can Learn From Instacart

Apoorva Mehta founded Instacart, one of the biggest grocery delivering services, which is now worth over $2 billion. ‘Instacart’ connects grocery stores with nearby drivers and within a few hours all the stuff from different stores you ordered will be at your doorstep.

Before founding Instacart, Apoorva was a design engineer at Blackberry, a design engineer at Qualcomm, and a fulfilment optimization SDE at Amazon. In this video, Apoorva explains his inspirational story from being a simple guy living in Seattle to being a man whose company now earns hundreds of thousands of dollars as revenue everyday.

Problem solving was his first aim and as he says: “Ask any mom with kids, and the last thing she wants to do is bring the kids to the grocery store. Ask any elderly or visually impaired person about going to the grocery store, and they’ll tell you how frustrated they are. If you’re a young professional, it’s really a pain in the ass. You’re working 14-hour days and the last thing you want is not to have good food in the fridge.”

This video was shared by Y Combinator on its Youtube Channel

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