[Video] Art of Fund Raising: from Kickstarter to Angels and VCs

How to get your company funded? How to approach investors and what steps must one go through to get funding? In this video, Naeem Zafar, Co-Founder and CEO of Adolene, an IoT startup, will answer all of these questions and prepare you for raising right funding from the right source and at the right time. He demystifies the venture capitalists and angel investors and discusses what information are they looking for and how should an entrepreneur approach them.

Naeem’s last company, Bitzer Mobile was acquired by Oracle in 2013. He founded Startup-advisor.com to educate and mentor entrepreneurs with all aspects of starting and running a company. He served as the CEO of three companies and as a board member/advisor to 35 companies. Zafar holds degrees from Brown University and the University of Minnesota in electrical engineering.

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