[Video] The Art of Entrepreneurship by Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital

Julie Meyer has over 20 years investment and advisory experience helping startup businesses, she is the Founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund and Co-Founder of First Tuesday.

In this video Meyer is trying to say ‘Follow the entrepreneurs’ because they are the future, at least they are willing to see it. The video is a mix of history and economics, how technology is giving birth to the systems, is one of the topics she puts up.

The consumerization of technology is taking over, that Entrepreneurs are the bridge between today and future. Meyer in this video is more focussed on digital entrepreneurship and also that innovation is not technology or finance. That everything that goes on, buying and selling, they are nothing but just a transaction.

This video was shared by Ted Talks.

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