MindScroll: A Startup Enabling Experts and Institutions to Faciliate eLearning

The digital revolution propelled by the penetration of internet, has made a drastic impact on the field of education. The spurring technological innovations have overthrown the orthodox methods of imparting and learning, and replaced them with novel, liberal and holistic approaches. New technologies have created opportunities that puncture the stereotypical notions around education, thereby reasserting the fact that learning is a lifelong enterprise, thus, must not be restricted to a particular age, time or space.


Reaping the benefit of this revolution, here’s a startup that acts as an agent for experts and institutions to facilitate distance education to eager learners.

​Founded in Aug 2014 by Amit Dayal, Deepankar Roy and Joyjeet Sarkar, MindScroll is a mobile first DIY learning platform that empowers enterprises, institutions and individuals to create and deploy interactive online content application for internal and external purposes in a few steps.

Using MindScroll, users can create and deploy product demos, upload video-based courses, conduct virtual classes and assessments and assign these to learners, instantly, through a modern interface.

The startup is based out of New Delhi.​


Commenting on the conception of this idea, Amit said, “We have been working in the education and training industry for last 5​+​years. Having seen the gap in the way digital learning is managed both in corporate sector as well as institutions, and the limitations of existing technological solutions, we decided to build a learning platform from grounds up with the motto of simplifying the user experience at every step.”

What Problem is the Platform Addressing?

Mindscroll is trying to simplify the process of conducting or selling online training,essentially for institutions, training centers and individual experts.The platform is built on the cloud and for the cloud, thus, it eliminates the hassle of installing, upgrading and managing backups. Further, it effaces hardware costs and database licensing.

Some of the key services facilitated by this platform are as follows:

  • Content Management: Create, Deploy and Assign learning content in just few clicks and manage all learning needs of your organization. Create Learning plan for new hires and On-site personnel.
  • Review Performance Based on Analytics : Review and Analyze learner performance via reports and dashboards.
  • Integration : Integrate with existing HRMS via APIs and web-hooks and have all data in a single place.
  • Pay as You Go : The company offers subscription plans  based on number of active users. No installation or customization costs.


​Monetization Model and Traction Details

The company has Monthly Subscription Plans based on Number of active users.

Since its launch in April 2015, the company claims to have attracted 20,000+ users across 11 clients . Over 50 hours of learning content and 100​00​+ online assessments have been conducted on its platform so far.

​​The Way Forward

The company is currently bootstrapped, and is racing against Open Source solutions like Moodle, Competitive solutions like WiziQ, Enterprise LMS like MindFlash and Talent LMS.

Explaining the vision of the company, Joyjeet maintained, “We plan to build MindScroll as a comprehensive digital learning platform with plug and play features. With features around learning deployment, smart content authoring, assessments, online store, integrated payment gateway and API integration, MindScroll will be a one stop solution for anyone who wants to conduct or sell online learning.”

It has been forecasted that India’s Internet economy would reach $200 billion by 2020. The biggest growth is expected in eCommerce followed by education and healthcare. India has one of the largest education systems in the world with a network of more than 1 million schools and 18,000 higher education institutions. More than half of the country’s 1.2 billion population falls in the target market for education and related services. The online education market in India is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2017.

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