[Video] Why is Vision the Crux of Your Company?

The vision of a company defines the direction towards which it is driven. It must therefore, be clear and specific, and be capable enough to propel the organization towards a common goal. Without a vision, a business is like a ship without a rudder which is in danger of drifting aimlessly.

In this video, Gagan Biyani, Co-founder of Udemy.Inc and Founder of Sprig, lays impetus on the same. He explains how all other aspects of a business spring from the vision. Hence, it is extremely important for an entrepreneur to base his/her strategic decisions aligned with the vision of their business.

Taking the talk further, he highlights other essentials which play a pivotal role in shaping the fate of a business. For example, interviewing customers to know if the idea is actually working or not. Check the video out to get more insights into bettering the fundamentals of your startup.