Tech Startup GymTrekker Wants to Become a One Stop Shop for all Fitness Fixes

Urban life gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Life in the fast lane’. Our work days are no longer strictly 9 to 5. Virtual access via technology ensures that we are always connected and on the go. Work hours stretch out and unfortunately, they are the only things that get any stretching done. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise and a general sense of discontentment tends to creep in when our lives revolve around work and work alone. The situation is alarming and calls for paramount attention. It’s time to take a break from the rat race of career and profession and run the real race. And like Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”.


Gymtrekker Founders

Co-founded by Sanmati Pande, Sambhav Jain, Harshit Sethy, Karan Shah & Vishal Shah in January 2015, GymTrekker is an online Health & Fitness discovery platform that provides a single click access to authentic and comprehensive information about all the fitness centers in your vicinity.

“We live by our tagline #Click2GetFit”, says the team.

Problems Addressed by this Startup

On the B2C front :

There’s a lack of comprehensive and authentic information on fitness Industry in India, a problem that Gymtrekker is trying to address by serving as a one stop destination for all fitness fixes with assured credibility and convenience to its users.

Further, it is also actively trying to resolve the Regret factor that most fitness enthusiasts suffer from due to the annual membership contract which they get locked in even if they opt out of visiting the gym for few months. With its membership offers customers can purchase weekly and monthly fitness deals and thus, have access to ‘Fitness on Pay As You Go’ model.

On the B2B front:

Since the industry is largely unorganized and fragmented, there is no benchmarking of prices and amenities. Most of the fitness centers have inadequate marketing capabilities, lack systems and process. This is one loophole, Gymtrekker is trying to fix by becoming an online channel partner for all the fitness centers, promote & create awareness, and augment their footfalls.

Services Offered By GymTrekker

The company offers multiple tenure memberships/fitness deals including weekly, monthly , quarterly, half yearly & annual membership .

Customers can compare, locate, take a virtual tour & purchase any fitness deal with just a click.

Currently, GymTrekker has over 4500 fitness centers listed on its platform, and is operating in 6 cities namely – Mumbai, Pune,Bangalore,Hyderabad, Goa and Ahmedabad, offering 500+ fitness deals up to 50% discount.

Further, the company is also conducting a morning fitness event in Mumbai this year called DawnTrekker, an initiative which is soon to go Pan India.

Monetization Model

The company monetizes through the commission it takes by selling fitness memberships. It is also working on a subscription-based model, which is soon to be rolled out.

As of now, it doesn’t charge for listing and its advertisement space. However, in the future, the company may look to monetize on that front as well.

How is it Different from Players Like Gympik, Fitraq and Gymer?

The company claims to have the largest and the most comprehensive information on fitness centres. Its focus is not just limited to fitness but the entire wellness industry at large.

Adding to this, Vishal maintained, “We are also official and Preferred online partners for 150 centers of Talwalkars franchise Pan India. Our association with Talwalkars who have also picked up minority stake in the company would drive lot of synergies for our national and Global expansion plans”.

He added, “speaking of technology, our search engine is very lean , adaptive, user friendly and would offer customized fitness plans to individuals.”

Moreover, the company boasts of a diverse team of Co-founders and Strategic Investors with experience across Finance, Marketing, Operations and IT.

Technology Employed by GymTrekker

As one of its Co-founders has done his masters in Artificial intelligence, the company would be soon adding AI to its search engine to harmonize technology and the human touch.

It is soon going to roll out its Android and iOS apps.

How is it performing?

GymTrekker has over 4500 fitness centers listed on its platform and around 5000+ registered users till date.

The company has raised an undisclosed amount from Angel investors and Talwalkars and is working on its aggressive expansion plans- as per which they aspire to have a foothold on 75+ cities in India and Middle East in the next 12 months.

Market Size and Opportunities

“The Indian Wellness Industry is $15billion in size and is growing at 15-17% CAGR. Similarly, Fitness service Industry which lies within the same is valued at $1billion. 70%+ of the Industry is unorganised and the industry penetration is less than 1%.” says the team.

This industry is at an inflection point and offers a huge untapped opportunity. GymTrekker aspires to take advantage of the same through its scalable asset light model.

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