Golden Rules for Hiring the Perfect CTO

If you have a great idea you want to take to the market, you need a competent team you can trust as a driving force

If you have a great idea you want to take to the market, you need a competent team you can trust as a driving force

Many non-technical startupers are looking to take on new exciting projects and they want to grab the opportunity when it presents itself. Hesitation is not the option in the unforgiving economic climate where many startups bite the dust every day. However, a jack of all traits CTO with a broad range of experience is not a dime in a dozen, especially when the business is operating on a shoestring budget. The market is full of CTOs seeking biz guys, but how many are really eager to jump on board the startup train?

Tech Integration

Those without managerial experience or technical expertise should not fret. If you knew how to organize a development team you would not need the CTO, would you? Knowledge and skills sure help, but following some basic rules is the way to approach the issue. One must first know how to sell an idea, and make the startup an inviting and stimulating environment to work in.

You must have a clear idea on how to integrate the tech expert into the founding team and the decision-making process. CTPs want to see a promising product and operations where they will be able to exercise creative control. Talk about the developmental challenges and coding language the product is to be built in. An open conversation will demonstrate whether the candidate is on the same wave length with you.  

Job postings are a popular choice for CTP seekers, but who wants to go through piles of uninteresting resumes? If you took your time to immerse yourself in the local startup community, that could be a good place to start. This also offers a chance to forge strategic partnerships and open up new collaboration opportunities. Those who did not get the chance to get to know the business landscape can turn to other solutions.

Hunting Season

When a lot of like-minded people gather around one roof, great things can happen. That is why it is always a good idea to visit events such as the Startup Weekend. You have the opportunity to present your ideas and receive feedback from fellow startupers. Concepts that steal the show are then taken to the next level and eventually presented to local entrepreneurs.  Never miss the chance to establish strong personal connections and generate word of mouth referrals.

Note that startup accelerators and incubators possess the firsthand knowledge of professionals that are waiting to be hired. There are also some software startups that provide hands-on experience and professional guidance. Feel free to reach them out and ask for advice on your top talent hunting campaign. The chances are they will recommend some universities or colleges which are full of young students looking for relevant experience and to add some juice to their CVs. And always try to hire top talent no matter your budget size.

You can also opt for online knowledge and information sources. This is a low-cost solution that takes much less time than other ways of connecting with local employees. There is no shortage of groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that feature pros with the right mix of skills.

Team up

If you have a great idea you want to take to the market, you need a competent team you can trust as a driving force.  How you will go about recruiting depends on your specific needs, budget and ability to engage people. It is not easy to hire a proper CTO on board that has a fire in the belly to nail the project. Get familiar with relevant local events, startup scene and institutions that could offer advice and guidance. In the end, years of work experience will not cut it if somebody is not able to handle all the peaks and valleys on the road to having a successful business.

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