Girnar Soft Acqui-hires Drishya360s to Bolster Its Virtual Reality Offerings

Girnar Soft, the parent company of, and, has announced the acquisition of Drishya360s Software, in a cash-plus-stock deal. With the deal, all employees of Drishya360s will join Girnar Soft.

Shown Above: GirnarSoft Founder Amit Jain – Image Source: corecommunique

Shown Above: GirnarSoft Founder Amit Jain – Image Source: corecommunique

Founded in 2010 by Shashanka Adiga, Drishya360s is a photography and video production, augmented reality, virtual reality, and web-designing and hosting firm. With the acquisition, Girnar Soft will build interactive virtual reality technology and augmented reality platform for CarDekho, Gaadi, BikeDekho, among others. Additionally, Girnar Soft will also leverage Adiga and his team’s experience to develop online and offline advertising solutions.

Adiga will report to Girnar Soft’s Director-Strategy Rahul Yadav.

Speaking on the acquisition, Yadav, said, “The acquisition of Drishya360s is a step in our long-term growth strategy and enables us to develop interactive virtual reality solutions for our portals. By using and upgrading Drishya360s’ existing technology interface, we are confident that we will deliver the highest level of user experience.”

With companies such as,, and under its banner, Girnar Soft has been working on developing virtual and augmented reality solutions to take user experience to another level. CarDekho recently launched ‘Feel the Car,’ with which a consumer gets experience of car to help in decision making.

Drishya360s is the fourth startup acquired by Girnar Soft in the last 18 months. Earlier, it acquired,, and BuyingIQ.

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    Meanwhile railroading the little guy by stealing their domains…

    Yeah the arbitrator decided that you should get the name, but any common man knows you cannot trademark a common word such as gaadi, and that and are easily distinguishable words. The arbitrator clearly has no idea what an affiliate program was and considers it MLM….that was the main point…based on my understanding, but Im just a regular man looking at the case from outside. If the arbitraitor (yes i did that) would join the rest of computer programing and tech word and the 21st century in general… its an open and shut case of a reverse domain name hijack…where the big guy … in this case the di*kwad in the picture above shows his might by seeking his lawyers on the little guy.

    Grow some balls and make a big boy offer next time Amit, instead of hiring a bunch of f*ckall lawyers to do your dirty work. Goes to show, if you have money in India – you will get away with anything!

    The registry needs to improve bounds and leaps or anyone that has a .in domain can have their property unjustly taken away in an .instant!

    Shame on this decision, on Amit Jain, on the arbitrator, the registry for allowing this ridiculousness, and for railroading their way through.

    Waiting for an overhaul of this entire corrupt system!

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