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GetFocus Raises Angel Funding to Empower App Publishers With Contextual Targeting

Founded in September 2014 by IIT Bombay graduates, Prateek Chaturvedi (ex-Deutsche Bank), Manoj Gudi (ex-Aakash Tablet) and Aditya Misra (ex-A.T.Kearney), location based mar-tech startup GetFocus has raised angel round of funding. The investment was led by strategic investors spanning across banking, logistics and telecom sectors. The raised funding will be used for hiring new talent in its tech team as well as to scale its operations across India and Middle East.

Focus Analytics

The startup is disrupting indoor navigation and analytics technology solutions in India. The company’s patented technology uses existing WiFi infrastructure to identify the location of a mobile phone inside malls, shops, airports, warehouses etc. The product is an SDK that app developers integrate into their apps. It identifies the real-time location of the users and relays it to the app developer, who can then use this information to send notifications, change the UI of the app, perform business intelligence etc.

With GetFocus, app publishers need to do is install the SDK, identify shops of their choice, and then they will start receiving data instantly. The startup has more than 5000 stores mapped onto its platform in Mumbai, and are expanding to Bangalore, Delhi, and other cities.

Talking about the venture, Aditya told iamwire, “Such accurate location information helps apps become contextually aware, meaning that they can target their customers with the right messages at the right time. This increases engagement for the apps, and decreases meaningless and redundant notifications for the users. So, quite simply, we make apps become dynamic, based on the location of their users.”

The startup is currently running pilots with over 20 major apps in India and Middle East. They include payment wallets, offline coupon players, banks, brick & mortar retailers and malls, hyper-local discovery apps, ticketing platforms, loyalty & rewards players and restaurant aggregators. All of them are using the SDK to accomplish varied objectives. Through its clients, the company expects to be on more than 15 million unique phones in less than 6 months.

Commenting on the future plans, Aditya added, “Our first milestone is for our software to be present on over 50 million unique phones in India, Middle East and South East Asia by end of 2016, through our clients. Beyond that, we want to evolve into a leading global contextual marketing platform, constantly adding data points to make apps smarter, enhancing user engagement and spurring revenues!”

At present location based targeting services in malls are being enabled by beacons, although at present the brick and mortar retail hasn’t really seen much adoption of this technology. The startup acknowledges this and says, “Beacon solutions require user’s Bluetooth to be turned on however GetFocus does not need user’s WiFi or Bluetooth to be on in order for it to function.”

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