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Instappy is Trying to Make App Development A Piece of Cake For Everyone

DIY eCommerce SaaS companies were once the talk of the town, now with the pace at which the growth of mobile Internet and smartphone users is happening since the last couple of years, mobile is certainly not an area companies can compromise upon. In order to assist those who do not have a dedicated technology expertise in-house, New Delhi based marketing agency Pulp Strategy has created a DIY cloud-based mobile app creation platform startup for Android and iOS called Instappy.

Ambika Sharma spearheads Instappy as the Founder & Managing Director. The startup which is targeting its product at small and medium scale enterprises, claims that business owners can develop a mobile app for their business by themselves through Instappy platform.

The platform requires no coding skills for app development as well as it offers features such as UI design, media and social application programme interface (APIs), reliable data backup, push notifications and real time analytics. It is offering ready to use features like design customisation, payment gateway integration and so on.

The platform also includes Instappy Wizard, users can view and test their app on device in real time as they are building it.

The platform also includes Instappy Wizard, users can view and test their app on device in real time as they are building it.

App development for a business traditionally involves a investment of time, and money for creation and maintenance, a lengthy developmental cycle as well as a certain technical proficiency on the part of the app owner. The platform also includes Instappy Wizard, users can view and test their app on device in real time as they are building it. Wizard allows users to make informed choices while they create original applications for their business.

Instappy is owned and funded by Pulp Strategy. It is a web-only platform which has over 1700 customers building apps on its platform. The startup is presently monetised through subscription based payment plan for their apps. While there’s a free version too, apps on Instappy start at Rs.42,000 per year, depending upon the features and the type of app.

Talking about their company’s future plans, Ambika added, “We will continue working on our technology with cutting edge features as well as a crowd sourced need based requirement set. We listen to our customers and have an aggressive lifecycle of new feature set additions where we add new UI options, and features.”

It competes with Applop, a mobile application launched this year to help any smartphone user to create and manage their mobile app. A We Are Social’s report claims, 72% of Indian population use mobile to search for a website while only 27% use desktop/laptop.

As per DigiCapital report, the global app economy was worth $53 billion in 2012; it was expected to grow at a 28% CAGR between 2012 and 2016, with Asia-Pacific and Latin America as its two most prominent geographies. By this estimate, the overall market worth will be at around $143 billion by 2016. This presents a huge and highly promising market opportunity, especially considering how few players are currently in this particular industry segment.

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