3 Tools to Help You Reach the Product Market Fit

Product Market FitProduct Market or PMF is the point at which the product exactly meets the market requirements. This may sound odd since most products are built to meet the requirements of the market. But its not quite true.

When a company builds a product based on market research, they build it on an assumption that the product solves the need of a customer segment. They are proven wrong once the product reaches the customer’s hands. The art of iterating the product and its features till it reaches PMF is called Pivot.

Here are three tools to achieve PMF through Pivoting.


Peek is a great product from UserTesting which is a free tool with which you can get a glimpse of how normal people perceive your product. Peek employs real people who provide a five minute recording of how they use your product/service. During the usage, they talk about what they find interesting and frustrating about the website. It is free for three trials after which a few dollars have to be spent, but the free trials are a great way to understand if your assumptions about your users were right.


Inspectlet is another service which captures a video of others using your product. Inspectlet is a great way to watch random people using your product which helps in understanding the overall experience of the user. Inspectlet offers a free plan of four sessions per day and offers great analytics along with each session.


Mouseflow is the coolest service in the experience testing league. Reason: They have it all. User session recording, heatmaps of where your users click on your website and complete reports on a user’s visit to your website, mouseflow offers the best plans compared to the other user experience testing services.

These tools are the best in the market to get inside your customer’s head and understand what they like/dislike about your product or service. The first step in building a great product is to make sure that the customer wants it. These tools help you to get right there.

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