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VR Company ABSENTIA Raises Around $200k from Astarc Ventures

Founded by a group of BITS Pilani Goa dropouts, ABSENTIA a startup which has developed a virtual reality head mount device called Tesseract, has raised around $200K from Astarc Ventures and others.


Tesseract (Image Source)

Virtual Reality is a potential multi-billion dollar market worldwide, and India is one of the emerging markets. Its applications span across sectors like gaming, education, healthcare, real estate, architecture, online shopping etc.

Shubham Mishra, Co-founder ABSENTIA maintains- “the company aims to beat global competition with its novelty. The device agnostic technology developed by the team can convert ANY media or game to Virtual Reality and simulate it on our own HMD – Tesseract”.

Elaborating further on the technology’s application and usage, he claimed that Tesseract can be used by architects and product designers for 3D views of real estate developments and designs. Its 360 degree vision allows users to watch 360 videos with complete 3D immersion and users can also use the headgear for viewing panoramic pictures in 3D or with 360 degree vision.

Moreover, the headset uses technology which is compatible with video games developed using any technology and is also compatible with HDMI dongles like the Chromecast.

Furthermore, the device offers military grade head tracking with ultra low latency and uses a simulated “static nose” and smart video rendering techniques to prevent “simulator sickness”.

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Tesseract is heralded as the native competitor to Facebook owned Oculus. In July 2015, Zuckerberg at a conference, emphatically highlighted the role of videos on strengthening Facebook’s presence, and declared that  virtual reality is the next big thing. 

It will be available for pre-order soon at

The promise of virtual reality has always been huge, and captivating for the retreat it offers from the mundane reality, transporting one to a metaphysical, alternate world. Few technologies have the capacity of manipulating the human psyche in the manner VR technology does.  The technology allows the creation of an optional state of being in one’s mind, bringing the physically impossible into the realm of virtual possibility. This Utopian ambition acts as the propelling factor in the rapid development of this technology.

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