[Video] “The list of the things that founders usually fail to make the transition on” by Sam Altman

This video is a part of a series of lectures on ‘How to Start a Startup’, collated by Sam Altman.

In the previous video, Tyler Bosmeny, Founder and CEO of Clever talks about how to get to the first $1 Million for your startup. Michael Seibel, Founder of Justin.tv and Socialcam and Partner at Y Combinator, then discusses the ways to approach investors – the pitch.

In this video, Sam Altman, President, Y Combinator, gives out the key points for startup founders to note, which are usually missed out. Stressing on the importance of management, he says that in the beginning there is no management, but the most important thing is that there is a clear reporting structure and that everyone knows of it. Another point that he stresses on, is the HR of the company. Further he highlights the importance of the ‘company productivity’. Check out the video to learn and identify more.

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    Entrepreneurs make such type of mistakes usually