[Video] Peter Thiel Speaks on How To Build The Next Billion Dollar Startup

Great businesses travels from zero to one, you can not ask for a formula or a shortcut to directly reach at two says Paypal Founder, Peter Thiel. According to him there are two kinds of businesses one which are indulged in crazy competition and one with monopolies.

You can not become a successful entrepreneur until and unless you start a business solely to solve a problem and not just that you see yourself as an entrepreneur in the next five years with tags like rich and famous.

On lean startup methodology Peter says it won’t work until you have launched a great product and then optimise it. Startup founders who met a few days back on social network with opportunity to become an entrepreneur are way less favourable to succeed than who know each other for a number of years and then pulled together

Peter Thiel says “While playing chess in Junior High School I learned that a bad plan is still a better plan than no plan at all, so always have a plan.” Check out the video to know more on what Peter says on how to create a billion dollar business.

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