[Video] How to Get the First $1M for Your Startup by Tyler Bosmeny

This video is a part of a series of lectures on ‘How to Start a Startup’, collated by Sam Altman.

In the previous video Emmett Shear, Twitch’s Co-Founder & CEO, shared the importance of direct interaction with customers.

In this video, Tyler Bosmeny, Founder and CEO of Clever, starts off with an overview of the Sales Funnel, and how to get to the first $1 Million for your startup. Michael Seibel, Founder of Justin.tv and Socialcam and Partner at Y Combinator, then goes over how to talk to investors – the pitch. Thereafter, Dalton Caldwell, Founder of imeem and App.net and Partner at Y Combiantor, and Qasar Younis, Founder of Talkbin and Partner at Y Combinator, perform an investor meeting roleplay to give you a taste of how it actually might look behind the scenes.


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