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Titan and HP Come Together to Launch a Series of Smartwatches

Titan Co and global information technology company HP have collaborated to launch a range of smart-watches in India.


As per an official statement by Titan Co, “the new relationship between HP Inc. and Titan combine innovative materials, design and custom technology to deliver products that are responsive, and not intrusive.”

The company added that the range of products will be launched later this year in India and select international markets.

According to Ravi Kant, who is the CEO of Titan Co (Watches and Accessories Division),” the two companies would create a unique lifestyle offering for people not only in India, but across the world. This category of smart watches is going to change the way people view the art of timekeeping and beyond.”

The news comes in days after Fossil Group acquired smart wearables manufacturer Misfit for $260 million. Technology biggies like Apple and Google have already paved their ways into the smart-watch market with Apple Watch and Android Wear smart-watch (with Tag Heuer) respectively. And now as HP joins hands with Titan, a new example of ‘technology marrying fashion’, has been set.

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