Starting Up? Here is a Book to Guide You Through

A startup is all about one’s dedication towards a change, it’s more or less like a revolution that you want within the system. Not so easy to implement, a startup requires a good idea, unmatched passion, a dedicated team, some madness and a hell lot of patience. It’s always for the greater good, and never easy to achieve.

Every entrepreneur needs a guide to help them through the teething troubles; some seek mentors, some refer to available resources on the Internet, and the self-learners try to grasp as much as they can by reading business books on ‘How to crack it!’.

In the same light, a new book, STFU – Start The F Up, dedicated to startup entrepreneurs is doing the rounds. It gives you a strong reality check, and helps you with different perspectives to deal with it better. It empowers you to look for solutions yourself, and not just follow the norms blindly.

STFU – Start The F Up

More often than not, a book changes the way entrepreneurs think. In “STFU – Start the F up, the author, Rajive Dhavan, uses the right balance of simplicity in writing, challenging the status quo, bursting some common myths, adding a pinch of his slapstick take to certain situations, decoding failure in different phases, and ends up mightily inspiring you. All this certainly develops a sense of relativity with the reader.

Start the fuck up

The Beginning

The book starts with the subject “Start up or Down – Why?”, the author talks about the importance of people asking themselves the most important question before they decide to Startup. ‘What’s the purpose for me to startup?” There might be a number of answers to this one. But the tragic reality is a plain tilt towards fascination that has made many fall & fade off. The book, however, helps you take a good look at various aspects of starting up a business.

The Type

The book talks about founders having a specific natural style of running a business. Some of these styles include The Aggressor, The Finisher, The Pit Stopper, etc. But that’s not all. The chapter also talks about The X-type; this one is for those who don’t fit into a specific category. And that’s because they create a category of their own. One may find it useful to identify with a particular type while they are in the process of starting up.

Ethics & Communication

Ethics is the least spoken-about subject in books of this genre. The author however, stresses the importance of ethical values in this ‘money-run’ world. “Ethics cannot be taught but they can always be reminded and reiterated!” he says.

Communication is another key area that the book talks about in different chapters. With subjects like “Ineffective communication affects” and “Use email as if they were paid”, the author nails the subject with simplicity.

Hiring Talent

Attracting good talent can be a herculean task for startups. It’s something that most startup leaders crib about. Rajive, however, says that “It is not important to have the best team. What’s more important is to extract the best from your team!”

Saying No

The author wittily explains why saying No is difficult but saying Yes is dangerous.

Author’s Crosshair

“Passion is the only fuel that will take you through all the tough times that you may face. It will make sure that your enthusiasm doesn’t drop when things tend to go bad.”

“Patience doesn’t just mean wait. It also means weigh.”

“History has given us loads of examples on how certain businesses soared great heights, and then suddenly went off the radar. A business owner’s intent is what sets the ball rolling.”

“The difference between use and misuse is similar to the difference between fee and free.”

“Business without ethics is like a woman without substance; both live a lie.”

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and all leading e-stores across the world. The Kindle edition is for Rs. 85, Paperback edition is for Rs 350, while the hardcover is available for Rs 749. You can buy the book here

iamwire’s Take

Management and psychology are the most important aspects of a startup, no matter how big or small. Rajive has written an easy-to-understand book that packs a punch in every chapter. If you are waiting for the right time to implement your idea, “STFU – Start the F up” will certainly inspire and empower you to kick start your journey. We are sure you’ll be able to connect well with the subjects covered in the book. You’ll certainly get priceless takeaways from the book that can stay with you while you work towards building your multi-million-dollar company.

The thing people admired the most about this book is how Rajive, without judging on the scale of failure or success, right or wrong, explains his way through, and emphasizes the importance of getting your hands dirty when need be.

About the Author
Rajive Dhavan holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. After working his way up in different companies for 5 odd years, he decided to launch his first company at the age of 22. Today, at 28, he heads three highly successful ventures. “Taking up entrepreneurship against the general perception that we could not pull this off gives us a different high. At that time, all we had was just a dream, unmatched zeal and self-belief.

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