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Secret to Motivate Yourself to Work Hard Everyday

Six years ago I was so depressed I thought I would kill myself.

Motivate Yourself everyday (Image Source)

Motivate Yourself Everyday (Image Source)

I had nothing going on in my life. And the girl I was dating kept calling me “crazy”, would break up with me every day, and refuse to introduce me to her friends.

I had three failed businesses that year and the year before. And I was going to go broke with two kids to support.

This past year, one of my investments sold for 4000% of my initial investment. A business I started went from $0 in revenues to $12,000,000 in eight months. I published two books and wrote 100s of articles and do 12 podcasts a week.

But I don’t work hard. I’m about to go get a sandwich. I slept late today.

I don’t say this because it’s so great. I’d like to be a little more effective in my work. It’s a practice and not a formula. Every day I practice.

Here’s what I do. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I think each person has to find what works for them.

I used to not do these things. And when I didn’t do these things, nothing would happen. Life doesn’t stand still: it either gets worse or better.

Eventually it gets a lot worse. We die. That’s the only real truth.

But in the meantime, here’s what I try to do to be successful and work harder.


I don’t read the News. I used to work for the news. I know what happens there. The more you read news, the less informed you are, the more time you just wasted.

Since I stopped reading news, I read more books. I get more info. I feel more alive. I get less scared.

I also don’t talk to people who want to gossip. Gossip never made anyone a success.

And I don’t say “yes” to things I don’t want to do. Else I resent the person who asked me, I hate myself for saying yes, and I’m bad at whatever it is I said “yes” to.

So, in order to work harder, I try to find as much NOTHING in my life as possible.


It’s a simple diet but I try to follow it. No snacks. No eating after 6pm (so my liver isn’t on overdrive when I am trying to sleep).

Plates at 10 inches. (Studies show when you reduce plate size from 15 inches to 10 inches, you eat 30% less calories). Note! If your plate size is 8.5 inches, you eat more – your body is not stupid. It knows you are tricking it.

And that’s it. The Plate Diet. Or the – not after 6pm Diet


A little exercise every day is known to have just as much effect on your mood as a full dosage of anti-depressants.


In the morning, you have energy. At the end of the day, you don’t. Which is why you need sleep.

The average person needs eight hours of sleep. For instance, they took some famous orchestra and determined that the professional violinists in the orchestra were sleeping 8.6 hours a day.

Don’t think that less sleep makes you more productive. Whenever I get only six hours of sleep, I know the day is going to be useless. Preparation is how you win the game, and lack of sleep means you didn’t prepare well.


Worry never solves tomorrow’s problems, and only takes energy away from today.

Worry and Gratitude can’t exist in the mind at the same time.
Regret and Gratitude can’t exist in the mind at the same time.
Anger and Gratitude can’t exist in the mind at the same time.

Whenever I notice these things happening in my head, I try to replace with gratitude.

Now I can continue my day


The average child laughs 300 times a day.

The average adult…five.

Dr. Norman Cousins did a series of studies on the benefits of laughter. It improves health, cures disease, improves productivity, and of course, makes you happier.

So I try to watch standup comedy when I’m low. Or thing of funny things. Laughter heals the soul.


Too often I would try to control things that were outside of my control.

For instance, when a boss is yelling at me, it’s his problem. I can’t control him. So that’s when I try to find a better job rather than put up with abuse.

The same in relationships.

One of the most important decisions you can make in life is who you spend your time with.

It’s like falling into an sea of hands and hoping they catch you. When you surround your self with good people, you can surrender that they will catch you.

When you are creative, you can surrender to the fact that your ideas will always catch you.

When you sleep well and are grateful, you can surrender to the fact that your good health and spiritual attitude, will guide you through the difficult moments.

Whenever I’m scared, I surrender. I do my best. I’m honest. I know good things will happen.


I write down ten ideas every day.

The Idea Muscle always needs to be exercised. It atrophies after about two weeks of no use. like any other muscle.

People think that ideas are nothing and execution is everything.

Execution is just a subset of ideas. You still have to have the ideas in order to execute. And the only way to have good ideas is to exercise the idea muscle.

Every day. The result: your life will look completely different in six months.

You will be an idea machine. You can be stuck on a highway in the desert with no gas and you will have 100 ideas to save you in no time. The idea machine is magic.


The people in your life are like a bonsai tree.

It’s always growing. And every day you prune the bad branches and keep the good branches.

Do that every day and you get more productive.

Every entrepreneurial movement, every artistic movement, every leap in science, was done by a group of people. There are no lone geniuses.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had the HomeBrew Club.

Jack Kerouac had the Beats

Andy Warhol had his community of Pop artists.

Even Larry Page had the thriving entrepreneurial cultures of both Stanford and Silicon Valley and all the search engines before him that he was able to stand on the shoulders of.

You can’t be productive without shoulders to stand on.


I think people are scared. I know this. I am often scared. We live in a hard world.

It’s a sentence of frightening nightmare punctuated by periods of intense joy.

The message I like to convey is that these ideas help you not only be more productive, but more creative…happier.

At least for me, this has worked and transformed me from someone crying on the ground in a pool of vomit, to someone who wakes up and (some of the time) feels the full beauty of the day.

I do the above.

I surrender to it. And hope for the best.

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