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6 eCommerce Startups Parents Should Explore for Their Children

Even with the emergence of multiple eCommerce sites in India, the options to buy things for kids from remain low. While a few niche portals like FirstCry, Mom&Me, Hopscotch exist, horizontal marketplaces become the next best option when it comes to this segment. However there are a few companies which are dedicated to cater to children with their own offbeat products. Some even have monthly subscription model, where people can have a new activity kit for their kids every month. Have a look

1. Flintobox

Launched in June 2013 by Vijaybabu Gandhi and Arunprasad Durairaj, Flintobox is a subscription eCommerce portal that offers theme based monthly activity boxes. Depending upon the age of the child, one can expect a variety of art, craft and learning material in the surprise box. It has raised $300,000 till date from GSF, Globevestor, GmBH and People Group.

USP: It offers monthly subscription for its activity kits that aim at entertainment and cognitive development among kids

Age Group: It has kits for children falling in sub age groups between 2 to 6 years

Price Range: It charges Rs. 1095 per box or Rs. 3285 for quarterly subscription

2. CocoMocoKids

cocomocokidsFounded by Shitij Malhotra and Priyanka Prabhakar CocoMocoKids is an online store, offering educational games and toys for kids. It aims at encouraging maximum learning through easy, playful and creative activities, and offers monthly subscription boxes as well. The startup is bootstrapped currently.

USP: The games are designed to help develop important skills in children, improve their general knowledge and keep them engaged for long.

Age Group: 1-10 years

Price Range: Rs 60 to Rs 4800

3. Smartivity

Smartivity was founded by Ashwini Kumar, Apoorva Gupta, Rajat Jain in January 2015. It offers DIY kits that help children understand fundamental scientific and real world concepts, and their application in real life. The projects are said to be designed around the Theory of Successful Intelligence proposed by Robert Sternberg. It raised $200,000 in seed funding from S Chand and Co. Pvt Ltd in October 2015.

USP: Its kits are a blend craft skills with scientific learning and are economical

Age Group: 4+

Price Range: Rs. 249-749

4. Magiccrate

Magic Crate

Magic Crate is a theme based stimulating, fun and learning activity box for kids that is mailed to customer’s doorstep every month. Each crate has 4 activities all centered around one theme. Parents can choose from individual, quarterly, half yearly and annual subscriptions.

USP Each kit has been created by designers & early childhood experts to promote 12 essential skills in children, including creativity , problem solving, vocabulary building, and self-expression.

Age Group:4-8 years

Price Range: Rs 549 to Rs1099 per kit

5. Crafty Chimp

Crafty ChimpThe platform offers a monthly subscription of hands on art, craft and fun activities for kids.

USP: It has its own proprietary craft kits which are age-appropriate and aids in cognitive development of a child.

Age Group: 6-10

Price Range: Rs. 700 for one month trial, 6 month subscription at Rs. 585/month. Shipping is free.

6. Avishkaar Box

Launched in 2014 by Tarun Bhalla, Swati Gupta and Neha Dagar, this Delhi based startup aims to make science fun for kids through its activity boxes. As the name suggests, Avishkaar Box aims to bring out the inventor spirit in children. Its goal is to enable parents to provide a solution to their children where they can create interactive projects from scratch.

USP: It mainly sells robotronics kits, including a pair of robots to teach coding to young children.

Age Group: 10+

Price Range: Individual Kits start at Rs.2,499/-

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    Good list. But I think, you should also add They provide practical and real-life video courses for the children aged between 11 to 17 years.

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